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19 Funny Pictures With No Context Whatsoever

If you're ever in the mood for a good laugh (plus a good scratch to the head), then you should head over to r/hmmm on Reddit.

Here, users post the most random pictures they can find that holds absolutely zero context.

For a quick introduction, here are 19 pictures from the subreddit that have no context whatsoever!

The eighth-stage clinger

How can you escape the grip of something that has eight legs?! Pretty much impossible. But it's okay, he means no harm! He just needed five minutes to talk to this guy about his car insurance.

Safety, but make it fashion

While this basically defeats the purpose of safety bars, you have to admit that it's pretty cool.

This family hired The Hulk for the day to stretch things into place and now they have curtains on the outside.

Lady and the Tramp

How sweet! These two look just like the Disney duo (but, let's be honest, they're cuter). Maybe that's why this owner adopted them together? But if they don't get them to split a string of spaghetti, then it's a wasted opportunity!

The Quidditch game

This would make quidditch so much more comfortable! That, or the Wicked Witch of the West was tired of her broomstick feeling so comfortable. So she took a trip to her local cycling store and straightened things out.

The dad bod

This is awesome! The fashion industry has started making female mannequins look like actual females, so this is another step in the right direction! Besides, the dad bod is totally in right now.

Give us our daily bone

Anyone who doesn't think dogs are part of the family needs to take a good hard look at this picture. All we see is a good boi who is thankful for the Lord and his hoomans.

Oh, deer

So, this is what it means to look like a deer in headlights! He looks so nervous. Poor guy! He just wanted to explain how a kid tried to get close so he ran for his deer life.

The in-tents camping trip

Those rocks aren't just for decoration, and neither is the teepee. This cat grew tired of hoomans being unable to capture the Blair Witch on tape, so she figured she'd do it herself. Witches love cats, right?

The Babysitters Club

When the husbands said they'd watch the children for the day so the wives could go out and shop, this is not what the women pictured... All that's missing is one of the kids handing out beers.

The good boi

Ah, dogs. They are our furry companions! They're perfect to snuggle on rough days and even help us through our daily mental breakdown. Why else would this dog be holding the shower rod?

Snake it to the limit

Show of hands: who also thought that was a real snake at first?! It gave us a fright, especially when we saw the sweet baby kitten scream! But it also looks super comfortable.

Your privacy is important to us

Ah, so close. They even did a great job blurring her face out in the first clip. Since there's no context, our minds can go wild over figuring out why she wants to be hidden.

Nothing to see here!

It's called quality control, look it up. This cat takes his job very seriously! He was taking a break from kneading bread at the bread factory and decided to help out the dumpling department.

The gym bag

This is what you call making lemonade out of lemons. Stewart could've been really upset about that guy hitting his car and knocking out his back light. But instead, he thought of how this would make basketball practice so much easier!

Stirring up trouble

When Sally was accepted into her new apartment, she was super relieved about the lease. It said she couldn't have a dog or cat in the apartment, but nowhere did it say she couldn't have her horse.

Something is tingling

A lot of people have a phobia over needles. So while some people bring their mom or ask the nurse to hold their hand, this guy did what he had to do and threw on the Spidey suit.

Points fingers

This is kind of like in The Office when Michael, Dwight, and Pam all point their fake guns at each other. That, or the cameras are discussing the craziness they both just captured.

And this is how we broke our teeth

You can't blame us! We see a giant Toblerone bar (bigger than the one in Friends) and we can't resist! Sure, it tasted like cement and we don't have teeth anymore, but it's all worth it.

Hiding in plain sight

Officer Nutjob was tired of people seeing his car and slowing down their speed. He had a quota of speeding tickets to reach after all! So, he came up with a solution: hiding in plain sight!