18+ Package Designs That Are Straight-Up Evil

Is it just me, or do you also get very irritated when you get fooled by misleading packaging? There is a certain trust level we give a company when we choose to buy their stuff. Am I right?

So when that trust gets broken, you end up with a bad taste in your mouth. These are the perfect examples of this evil packaging practice.

1. This Sad Pizza

When they promise you a hot and delicious pizza, surely they don't mean to give you only three measly pepperonis? That doesn't sound right to me. And by looking at this, I doubt it was delicious.

2. This Pop-Tart

There must've been something lost in translation here, no? They did say 50% less sugar, but I still don't think whoever bought it expected it to look like this. Perhaps it wasn't a great idea to purchase generic Pop-Tarts, huh?

3. This Non-Dairy Creamer

Oh my goodness, how awful is this deceiving product? Imagine if somebody had an extreme allergy to milk and consumed this? They could have ended up in the hospital or far worse. It's a lawsuit waiting to happen, no?

4. This Beef Jerky

Wow, this would have been a very sizeable box of beef jerky. I hope they got it for a reasonable price, at least. Sadly, once they opened the package, they realized the company used the term "box" very loosely, ha, ha!

5. This Energy Drink Powder

If you're always buying energy drink powders, you might have encountered this phenomenon. The packaging often seems a lot bigger than the quantity of the powder inside of it. I find that pretty irritating. What about you?

6. These Doritos

Don't you love it when a company promises you a larger item for your buck? Only then, you realize that you got fooled by them after all. Case in point here with this misleading bag of Doritos. Shame on them.

7. This Pill Bottle

Let me run something by you. If you buy a larger bottle of pills, wouldn't you assume that there would be more pills inside? Well, in this case, you're actually getting less in a larger bottle. How evil is that?

8. This Sticker Roll

When you buy a sticker roll, you assume it's an actual roll, no? I think it was quite presumptuous of us to think so. In this case, the "roll" came with a total of 20 stickers.

9. This McDonald's Juice

Ladies and gentlemen, let me blow your mind today. Here's the difference between a small versus a medium orange juice size at McDonald's. How do you like them oranges now? You might as well buy the smaller one, huh?

10. This Gluten-Free Lie

As someone who has been gluten-free for months now and is very diligent with the products I buy, this blatant lie would upset me very much. I don't understand the reason for this company to try to deceive people like this.

11. This Sandwich Wrap

Can you imagine if you set your heart on this wrap for lunch, then you open the package and realize 1/3 is missing? My hungry self wouldn't like that one bit. How can they do this to people?

12. This Cookie Cream

I have to admit, I absolutely love Milka products. They're some of my favorite chocolate. So I'm pretty surprised to see a product like this come out of their factory. It seems to me like they're slacking off on their quality control.

13. This Tablecloth

If you were expecting the pattern on this tablecloth to run all over it, I guess you weren't the only one. After all, that's what it said on the packaging, so how would you know otherwise, no?

14. This Evil Cream Packaging

Have you ever bought that expensive cream only to get tricked like this? OMG, isn't that so awful when that happens? I don't understand the reasoning for this. It only fosters further mistrust. Am I right?

15. These Knobs

If you think the rubber on these steel knobs is heat resistant, you would be wrong. Try touching them when they get pretty hot. I dare you. Okay, I'm joking — don't do it after all. We don't want any injuries as a result of this terrible design!

16. These Sticky Notes

Somebody bought these sticky notes specifically because they loved the gold border. Only when they got them, they realized none of them had it except for the first one. Wow, I never would have thought that could even happen. What about you?

17. These Biscuits

Why is there a hole right in the middle of this biscuits' package? I don't think it's there to stop them from breaking. I think it's there, so the package appears larger than the contents inside of it.

18. This Microwave Safe Dish

This person got swayed by the sticker on this dish. But when they peeled off the sticker they found out completely different washing instructions underneath. Wow, that's totally uncool in my eyes. What do you think of this?

19. This Gelato Deception

It looks like you are getting lots of caramel with this delicious gelato. But in reality, there is absolutely zero caramel interspersed throughout the container. Oh, that's such a shame. I would get so annoyed at this.

20. This Bait And Switch

When you get a package like this, you assume that what's inside is going to match it. Am I right? Well, it looks like this person did just that, only they definitely didn't get what they wanted.

21. This Face Wash

It's so sad when companies end up doing this deceiving packaging. Not only are you getting way less product, but they could have been more eco-friendly at least. Next time save the extra plastic and make a smaller bottle, please.

22. These Pens

This person thought they were buying multicolored pens only to discover that every one of them had blue ink. That's kind of annoying, isn't it? I know I would be pretty disappointed if I bought this, too.

Isn't it so sad that many companies — big and small — resort to deceptive marketing practices such as these?

I mean, I think they would endear us as their customers a lot more if they were just more honest. What do you think?

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