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31 Rollercoaster Photos That Have Me Howling

As fun as rollercoasters are, they tend to catch you at your most vulnerable. All four stages of emotion are likely to show on your face.

And THEN, there's a camera to mark that moment forever! Let's just say those photos don't catch people at their best, unless they planned ahead.

Here's a mixture of both with these 19 rollercoaster photos that have me howling!

The creative brothers.

As soon as this Reddit user and his brother discovered there was a camera on the roller coaster, they let their creative juices flow!

This led to images of them playing chess, a horse and disc jockey, and a bartender serving a cocktail.

The irresponsible babysitter.

The mother: Hey, Bethany! How's babysitting little Jimmy going?!

Babysitter: Oh, great! He's right here beside me now. Want to talk to him?

Little Jimmy: AHHHHHHHHHH.

That was the last time Bethany babysat. Soon after, Jimmy entered therapy.

The lonely wife.

This is the face of a woman whose husband refused to go on the Splash Mountain ride with her. She KNEW the camera would be there and decided to haunt his dreams forever with this stare.

The rough ride.

"I enjoyed my daughter's first Disney ride more than she did," this Redditor wrote. Yep, this little girl has seen some things. This is how we look when we wake up hungover at 4 a.m. and searching on the floor for Gatorade.

It's the roller circle of life.

"Every year my friend does a 'silly picture while on a roller coaster," this Redditor wrote. "This year was by far his best." Um, we need to see those other pictures, stat!

The funny face.

“Apparently Mom didn’t get the memo that everyone was supposed to make a funny face!" this user wrote. Um, we'd counter and say that she did make a funny face. Most hilarious out of them all, actually.

We need an exorcist, stat.

While roller coasters are intended to be scary, they're not supposed to leave you looking like... that. This girl has seen some stuff. It's like those monster's hands are actually reaching out to grab her.

Pick a new way to propose, bud.

If she's a girl who loves roller coasters, we get why you'd want to propose here. But judging by the look on that girl's face, her poor heart can't take another shock to the system.

It takes an arm and a leg to get a good photo.

Ever wondered what happens if you don't keep your arms and legs inside the roller coaster? Well, this.

If you look closely, you'll see his arms tucked inside his shirt.

The ride from hell.

“My mom and I agreed to accompany my son on his first roller coaster while visiting Legoland this summer. It went well," this daughter wrote. It's hard to tell who's most disturbed.

Someone's not clowning around.

We like to imagine that this clown was just fired from his job at the amusement park and went on the roller coaster ride to feel better. Spoiler: it did not. Cheer up, clown! Want a balloon?

We need a happier clown. Is Pennywise available?

A piece is missing here.

This has to be glued together, right? RIGHT!?

How else is this possible? If not, our head is going to get sore from trying to understand the gravity of this.

Ma Ma Ma Poker Face

Kudos to these guys. Seriously. Maintaining a straight face during a roller coaster ride isn't easy. Just look at pictures #2 and #5 again and you'll see exactly what we mean.

Your son isn't here anymore.

"This roller coaster photo will haunt my son forever. (His normal face for reference)," this mom wrote. On the bright side, he looks like Luke Skywalker ... the one who went to the dark side.

The wardrobe malfunction.

That's about the worst time to endure one of these! 1) the girls might fly away with the wind and 2) there are cameras to capture the moment forever! Was the ride called Girls Gone Wild?

The photobomb.

Wow, what a great picture of the girls! Wait a second... why is scary Bilbo from Lord of the Rings behind them?!

Now we know why his mouth is curled up like that. He's screaming, "my precious!"

The perfect timing.

"A friend (front left) lost his keys in a rollercoaster at the perfect moment," this Redditor wrote. The guy in the far left ended up catching it! This is his glory moment.

The first/last ride.

"So I found this picture of my first roller coaster..." this Redditor wrote.

Judging by this pic, we're pretty sure it was his last. And that roller coaster was small! We can't imagine them on anything bigger.

The three stages.

First, you have excitement. You're so sure this is going to be the time of your life.

Then you have nausea. Uh oh, that fully-loaded chilli dog was a bad idea, you think to yourself.

Finally, there's grief as you try to process what just happened.

Just vibing

Listen, we all have things to do because life is stressful and time can get away from us.

So having to schedule your shave seems like the right thing to do I say.

Pure terror

This is definitely one of my favorites. One looks terrified and the other looks like they wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

It makes for the perfect picture.


Okay, between the burnt red face and the eyes practically coming out of the boy's head, I don't know what I like more.

This is hilarious.

Horse people

You've heard of horse girls, but apparently, there is a whole group of people who are horse people!

My energy matches the one all the way in the back.

Dinner is served

Like the barber, there are just some things you might forget to do when life gets too hectic, like eating.

Luckily these people have it all figured out!

Rollercoaster of Pisa

We've all seen the photos of people leaning against the Tower of Pisa, or holding it up, so I can only assume his person had that in mind when they took this pic!

Hold on!

It's okay to be afraid, but I don't know how safe I'd feel if the person next to me had their eyes closed and was trying to hold me at the same time.

Rock and roll!

This is pure power. He won't let the rollercoaster get the better of him. It's him vs the coaster, and he's going to come out on top, that's for sure.

The Bodyguard

"My boyfriend and his friends have been pretending to be body guards for one of their choir mates all day in Disneyland. This is them at Splash Mountain."

"My 74 year old grandpa with COPD and I on a roller coaster. He was so excited!"

Honestly, this is how I want to be when I'm in my seventies. Is there anything more heavy and awesome than this? The answer is no.

"Just because you’re on a flume doesn’t mean you can’t find time to do other things."

I've never thought I'd see such dedication to a game, but apparently, I was wrong!

This is about as good as it gets if you ask me.

Scared, cowboy?

All in all, these photos are definitely the kinds of things that will keep me laughing from now until the end of time.

Nothing better.