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19 Pictures That Accurately Describe Life With A Toddler

Raising a toddler is a lot like a box of chocolates: you never know what you're going to get!

They could be perfect angels one day, only to be crawling through the cat door the next! Some have even painted art with their buttcheeks!

Parents, come see if you relate with these 19 pictures that accurately describe life with a toddler!

The thief

If we had too much money, we'd spend it. But not this little girl! She's a minimalist who wanted to help her mother when she had too many $1 bills. So, she cut them up like a paper shredder.

The burrito

"The first bite my daughter took of her burrito," this mom wrote. Is she even sure this is her daughter? She's not some alien creature? That would be the only explanation for this travesty.

The sock

Yay, popcorn night!

You've looked forward to watching movies with the fam all week and can't wait to get your hands on some popcorn infused with butter and maybe some ketchup seasoning and... a dirty sock?

The fridge magnets

"My 5-year-old niece decided to rearrange the items on the family fridge," this Redditor wrote.

How helpful of her! Everyone loves breaking their back while trying to look at magnets on the fridge.

The pizza

This must've been the work of the devil the son of the burrito mom. She's not raising children over there; she's raising heathens who love to trigger people with their puzzling eating habits.

The painting

"I asked for art for my new apartment this Christmas. May I present 'butterflies,' a painting from my nieces made entirely with their butt cheeks. Lovely." What did she expect? It's butt-erflies. Get it?

The superhero

"My son was invited to a birthday party to learn 'superhero' moves. Aka jujitsu. He took it very seriously," this mom wrote on Reddit. This must be how all amazing superheroes are made!

The photo

There's a lot to unpack here!

First, this Redditor wrote that their daughter thought the girl in the photo was her. Then, as a bonus, her son was kissing a mirror in the background. Like the daughter, he must've thought that the boy in the mirror was him.

The Bachelor

"My 6 year old son had his first school dance tonight. Got caught giving roses to different girls..." this mom wrote.

I'm not too sure about the girl in the red. She doesn't look like she's here for the right reasons!

The wig

LOL, this is hilarious. It just goes to show that toddlers will grab whatever they can get their little hands onto. So keep things out of reach if you don't want a walking nightmare!

The chicken

"I run grief and loss sessions with children," this Redditor wrote. "This 5 year old is wise beyond her years."

You can't blame her. Chicken has gotten us through hard times as well. Chicken nuggets, especially.

The cat door

We've always wondered if people could fit through those doors. Now we know to lock up our cat doors at night. The last thing we need is a toddler thief breaking in to steal our goods.

The Darth Vader

"My son got to meet Darth Vader. And when the Dark Lord of the Sith told him 'join me, and I will complete your training"'he reached out and held Vader's hand!" this parent wrote. "Should I be impressed, or concerned?"

The rough morning

While it's usually the parent looking like this in the morning, toddlers can have it rough, too! They may only get three naps that day and only six hours of playtime. Uggggggh.

The bedtime

"My daughter trying to hide when she's supposed to be in bed," this mom wrote.

This just goes to show the extreme lengths kids will go to to avoid bedtime. They'll wish they slept more when they're older.

The hiding spot

The most hilarious part of this is how confident this toddler is. He really believes he can't be seen. But jokes on him because this is obviously the tickle chair and he's about to get it!

The makeup sponge

“Can anyone guess what happened to my makeup sponge? Mothers know," this Redditor wrote.

Clearly, her son thought the sponge was cheese, or some kind of candy, and just had to try it for himself.

The clown

If you ever give a toddler the choice of what they want to be for Halloween, be prepared for some weird answers. On the bright side, we know who can star in the movie about IT the clown as a kid!

The princess/death warrior

"My daughter's personality perfectly expressed through her outfit choice," this mom wrote. The boys in her class better not dare break her heart. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, amirite?!