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19 Entitled People Who Can Truly Be Considered The Worst

They say beggars can't be choosers.

When they do, they become entitled AF, like this woman who wanted someone to bring them a free puppy! Or this "haggler" on Facebook who asked someone to gift him a free all-inclusive vacation...

For more horror stories of entitled people, check out the list below and you'll understand why they're considered the absolute worst.

This Prince Charming

The number of red flags on this Tinder profile is INSANE. He likely doesn't even measure up to his own list! Thankfully, we can imagine there aren't many women lining up to meet him.

The client from hell

"I just wanted to point out that the last 4 messages was written within 15 minutes while I was taking a shower," this Redditor wrote. "He blocked me instantly after that last message." The NERVE of some people.

The free labor

"Pretty sure you're supposed to pay people for the services you want, not vice versa," this Redditor wrote. And there's even rot, which basically means that you're not getting all of the wood that you worked so hard to tear down.

The cheap parents

Someone did the math on this and it turned out to be 13 hours a day for four kids and $1.15 an hour. WTF?! Don't have kids if you don't want to raise them and don't hire babysitters you can't afford!

The free items

The first rule to getting something for free is this: DO NOT COMPLAIN. This guy on Facebook marketplace is trying to treat this conversation like it's a garage sale or junk yard. Not cool.

The cheap parents take II

"She wants a babysitter for two infants to come to her home and clean for less than minimum wage??" this stunned Redditor wrote. Unless she can get Mary Poppins herself, this ain't happening.

This low-baller

"Porsche owner wants me to increase ad price to above market value to 'not ruin the reputation of other owners'," this Redditor wrote. Since when is there basically a home association of Porsche owners?!

The all-inclusive vacation

Is that ALL? He doesn't want his own private butler and Angelia Jolie to vacation beside him?! One Redditor had a suggestion for him: "Camp in a tent in a motel parking lot by a theme park that had a pool."

The roommate from hell

You must be cat-friendly, but you can't have any pets? Can't have any drama, yet they put two exclamation marks after every sentence? This must be a rental posting for an insane asylum.

The discount seeker

"This guy has been asking for discounts for weeks but has never paid us a visit in person," this Redditor wrote. Since it was sent at 4 a.m., we'll chalk it up to them not being in their right mind.

This irritating foodie

First of all, they do realize that UberEats drivers don't pack the food themselves? Second, for a lengthy list of demands like this, WHY DON'T THEY GET OFF THE COUCH AND GET THE DANG FOOD THEMSELVES?!

Not even a cute dog will soften this blow.

The horrible haggler

"I’m selling a metal detector on Facebook and this guy wants me to drive to where he lives for no pay and let him use it for free??" this Redditor wrote. He needs to charge a service key to find those keys.

This irritating bookworm

"My mom has a little free library in her yard. Someone left her this note the other day with a crossed out smiley face," this Redditor wrote. People like this are why we can't have nice things!

This eager worker

With a bio like this, it's hard to believe that he hasn't been hired yet! He sounds like an absolute delight. He wants to be hired but won't send in a resume unless he's guaranteed a job?!

This entertainment leach

"Owns multiple concert venues with multi-million dollar sound systems, but doesn’t have a budget for a photographer at their new venue," this Redditor wrote. When will people learn that exposure doesn't pay the bills?!

This entertainment leach take II

"My local golf course thought this was an acceptable request from our area’s photo/video professionals page, for that sweet sweet exposure," this Redditor wrote. You wouldn't expect a ridiculous request from a golf course.

The cake smash

This came from a "friend" that this Redditor hasn't spoken to in years. It's a lot like an MLM pitch; they start a conversation out of nowhere with the sole goal of ripping their "friend" off.

This shoddy dog owner

So, they want a free puppy and for someone to bring it to them? Do they also want someone to take care of the puppy and pay for all the vet bills?

This lengthy list

Well, that escalated quickly. The Redditor shared that it was requested by their neighbor's daughter. She also posted a GoFundMe (while not being in need) asking people for furniture and other free things.