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19 Hilarious Reasons Dogs Got Kicked Out Of Daycare

When the doggos are away, they will play!

Or, in the case of these dogs who were kicked out of daycare, they will start a dog gang, mug other puppies for their treats, and jailbreak the dogs.

It's all in a day's work for these pups!

Keep reading for the ultimutt hilarious reasons dogs got kicked out of daycare. These will have you howling with laughter!

For forming a dog gang

We're imagining this to be as hilarious as it sounds: the two dogs, thick as thieves, and their gang preying on the weaker ones and stealing their bones. Plus, dogs having to fight each other as an initiation into the gang.

For letting the dogs out

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WHO LET THE DOGS OUT? This husky did!

"Our husky got kicked out for unlocking one of the gates and letting all of the dogs out," this dog dad wrote. "And then stayed back to play with the toys by herself. Too smart for her own good."

For policing other dogs

Surprise, surprise: one's a german shepherd! You have to wonder if dogs see this breed and yell, "run, it's the cops!"

Someone on Twitter wrote that they're giving off Captain Holt and Jake Peralta from Brooklyn 99 vibes. Brooklyn K9.

For creating mass hysteria

"While we are on vacation with kids our Golden was responsible for unlatching all the dog crates, creating mass hysteria in the kennel," this person tweeted. Mass hysteria for the workers, mass FUN for the dogs!

For marking his territory.

When you look this good, it's perfectly understandable that the whole world is your oyster.

This dog is giving us a lesson on confidence. Not to go peeing everywhere, of course, but for acting like you own every spot!

For being possessive of his BFF

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"Carlos the bulldog got the boot because he didn’t like the other dogs around his BFF Otis," this dog mom wrote. "They locked him in a room where he proceeded to eat their couch cushions."

For being a snitch

Doesn't he know that snitches get stitches? get put in the little dog room?? Also, imagining the little dogs picking on this great dane is pretty adorable. His bowtie is too adorable.

For being too sophisticated

"Doggie Daycare is becoming very elite," this dog mom wrote. "Mine is barely acceptable since she doesn’t seem interested enough to engage in their dumb playtime activities. What can I say? She’s sophisticated."

For not being sociable

It's not the Aussie's fault that they like their alone time! They're a lot like introverts in that way.

Since that's the case for humans as well, can we also get a puppy-like Cosette to keep us company all day?

For wanting the hooman all to himself

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"Mine was deemed ‘not suitable’ as he loved the lady so much he spent his time ushering all the other dogs away from the human," this Twitter user wrote. "He was exhausted by 10 a.m."

For taking over the biggest bed

Radar may be little, but he sure is mighty! He's also extremely boujee since he knows all about the finer things in life. A ratty, smol bed won't do. He needs comfort!

For being too pretty

"Our Cocoa was kicked out because she is too pretty and all the boys wanted to mount her," this concerned dog mom wrote. "(Even though all parties have been fixed) which caused numerous snarl and snap fests.."

For herding other dogs

I'm going to go right ahead and assume that these were border collies! Not only do they love sheep, but they're genius enough to combine their brainpower and team up!

For peeing on all the toys

"My dog was kicked out because he took all of the toys out them in the corner and peed on them," this dog mom wrote. "It was pretty embarrassing."

For mugging a puppy

LOL. It's a dog-eat-dog world out there, I tell ya!

In all fairness, this likely happened to the dog when it was a little puppy. When the puppy grows up, it will do the same to another pup. And the cycle continues.

For escaping the time-out pen

"Mine escaped the 'time out' pen at one (jumped a 5ft fence, can't remember what he's done to need time out)," this dog mom wrote. "And took out a cat flap and a kitchen drainpipe at another."

For being a ladies man

Look at that little face! He knows that he's a playa, like the Pauly D of daycare. Unfortunately, Papi will have to stick to his stuffed animals for a while until his womanizing ways are allowed elsewhere.

For pooping on the floor

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"My dog was politely asked to leave a dog-training session when he pooped on the floor (he was excited & nervous) & then started a dog riot," this Twitter user wrote. Sounds like a bad trainer!

This is what needs to happen

As hilarious as these stories are, a large majority of these doggos don't deserve to be kicked out of daycare!

We demand justice! So this idea of a previously expelled daycare sounds like something that needs to happen, ASAP.