30 Terrible Choices People Made For No Good Reason Other Than To Annoy Us

It's good practice to always think through your decisions before you make them. What's your motivation, your purpose, what are the pros and cons? Do you have a reason you want to do this?

While some people remain unsure, others know their reason immediately. That's not saying it's a good reason, but it's a reason nonetheless.

This list shows off some decisions people made just to annoy others, it's that simple.

"My wife leaves her used dental floss trophies on our couch."

People leave things places, I get it, we're not all perfectly tidy individuals. Some people forget to move dishes, leave behind open mail, or drink cans, but floss? Something that's been fully in your mouth, pulling out the nasty bits? How does one's conscience remain clean while doing this?

"Got my new computer delivered today. Someone stepped on the box."

While this does suck, at least if there are any damages, you have the evidence quite literally stamped right on the box.

If you have to get a new one, though, maybe opt for a different shipping company. Better yet, go get it in person.

"[I specifically] asked for no sauce."

This reads like someone who takes everything as a challenge, even when it's not personal and doesn't even come close to being personal. "Guy doesn't want sauce? Why not? Does he think he's too good for our sauce? I'll show him then, he'll learn to love our sauce today."

"A friend of mine has yet to unbox his two-year-old birthday gift... It's a $500 computer chair that he uses as a soldering table."

Not only is the thought of not using an extremely expensive gift given to me by a loved one completely unimaginable, but then to use the cardboard box it's in to do something involving heat and electricity like soldering? I can't tell which part is more disheartening.

Next birthday, buy him a table.

It's the same, just trust us!

The uploader included the worrisome story behind this photo, "I’m a tattoo artist. The lighter bottle is almost empty, and the darker one is brand new. According to the label these are the same color. This makes my job exceedingly more difficult."

"My husband thinks it's OK to butter toast like this."

Well, something might be wrong with your husband then. There's a chance he's hiding the fact that he grew up in a butterless household from you. He doesn't know the social norms regarding butter application, the conventions of spreading. You should teach him!

"Got a sealed fortune cookie wrapper without a cookie today."

There are two options here. One, you get no fortune because you have no future to tell, which is ominous and scary. Two, you defy the power of fortunes to such a degree, no being of fate could ever try to tell you what to do, which is powerful and less scary.

"My mother-in-law always adjusts all our hanging pictures when she visits. Always makes them crooked."

It's not like it's a small correction either, these things are way off-level here. And she thinks they're straight afterward? Does she stand with a severe tilt or is there a potential vision problem doing on?

"Fiancé regularly leaves dirty clothes directly next to the hamper."

Sorry, but once you're the age to be doing your own laundry, this sort of thing doesn't really fly anymore. If you live on your own, sure, but with someone else? When you're engaged? Absolutely not. Pick up after yourself.

"My pizza from a DoorDash order came without a box and just thrown into a paper bag."

There is such a baffling amount wrong with this, I don't even know where to begin. No box. Not even a piece of cardboard to put the pizza on. Pieces are just loosely tossed inside. If that pizza was fresh, all of the cheese and toppings would have fallen off, but they didn't. That's also concerning.

I'm sorry for your loss.

"Ordered a tool from Amazon. They sent me a bag with nothing in it. Wish I could make this up."

You ordered a tool and what you got was a tool packing your order.

As someone in the comments of this post pointed out, this was likely just a human error where an item was misplaced and the empty envelope wasn't noticed. Hopefully, the tool-needing wasn't time-sensitive!

"Had a bad day at work…so I decided to get my favorite cookies, opened em up in the car, and literally got ripped off 1 [...]."

This is very much one of those scenarios that is just kind of annoying or a bit of a bummer on a regular day, but on an already bad day, this might as well be the end of the world.

"Loose screws."

Does this person drive everywhere with their bed full of tire-piercers and windshield-crackers like this all the time? If so, how are there even any left? Whoever let them do this to their truck needs a stern talking to for this type of enabling.

"Someone stole part of this bench for some reason."

They saw the second bench nearby and figured it would be okay, forgetting that there may come a time where many people need to sit down, and both benches will be needed. Really not considerate of figurative strangers in made-up future scenarios.

"I peeked over to see what my girlfriend was eating."

Everyone's different, and I respect everyone's unique preferences, especially in the Oreo cookie vs. cream debate, but this behavior is simply barbaric. If you are someone who only eats the cookie, please just find another cookie to eat. The waste of cream is heartbreaking.

"Crossbow hunting at my uncle's house and his pig scared off all the deer then eats the corn set out as bait."

In his defense, your uncle really shouldn't be letting him free roam if you're posted up in the area with a crossbow and there's food scattered across the ground. What is he supposed to do? Not go enjoy a healthy snack someone left out?

"Found this in our school bathroom."

I'll give whatever prankster pulled this off a little bit of credit because it's unique. It's also uniquely revolting. Something about the mixture of bathrooms and lunch meat, lunch meat that's been left out too, is so... I can't bear to think about it for too long.

"I spent $12 on 'anti fog' mirror film."

Did anyone ask that film what it wanted? Maybe it's been pro-fog its whole life, but grew up in an anti-fog household? It got pushed into a career it never liked, but is finally taking a stand for its beliefs!

Snap shut.

Reddit | awalker0527

Another story best told by the photographer, "Mailman will not close my mailbox. It frequently rains before I come home from work. I wrote him a note this morning on sticker paper. This is exactly what I came home to this afternoon."

"My loom before and after the art teacher 'helped' me."

Was your teacher's idea of 'help' sticking a cooking mixer in the middle of your project and putting it on max speed? Or was it more like summoning a tiny tornado to rip through your area specifically?

No respect for the communal fridge.

"Coworker announced that she and her SO are finally pregnant after years of trying, I got her a box of pastries to celebrate and when I the party was about to start I open the fridge at work and see this..." explained the irate person who posted this.

"My lunatic wife cuts bananas in half and just leaves the top."

What a delightful way to waste a load of each banana! Someone needs to have a stern word with this person's wife, as this is really not natural!

"This is the syrup bowl at my boarding school breakfast… They call me crazy for bringing my own bottled syrup but now they understand why."

Why would they not just have a communal bottle? Who are the people out there who like their syrup ladled out of a punch bowl?!

"How my dad cuts cake."

A lot of people claimed that this would have meant he would have to forfeit having cake in their house, and I can understand why. He surely has to do this to intentionally annoy people?

"This bread that I bought from Whole Foods... More like Hole Foods."

Trying to butter this bread would be an absolute nightmare. Although, actually, trying to do anything with this bread would be a complete disaster now that I think about it.

"I hate going down this street because I have to see this."

I know that there are all sorts of people out there in the world, with all sorts of individual thoughts...but this is just unforgivable. This is worse than the person who was wasting Oreo cream.

"Looks like someone decided to clean a mirror with a steel sponge or something before I moved in."

Ah, it is not too bad. It just looks kind of like they are looking at their reflection through a thick sheet of Victorian fog.

"Someone keeps using my bike as a trash bin."

Amazingly, one person added:

"People in Toronto do this to my pickup trucks bed all the time. One time a box was tossed in my bed with an amazon label on it, along with other garbage. The address was on the box still so, I packed the box back up full of garbage and delivered it back to the shop that it was from. In retrospect, I wish I had loaded it with my cats litter from that day and THEN delivered it."

"Oops... The construction employee in charge of designing my house accidentally emailed me instead of the designer."

Apparently, the owner of the construction company was very apologetic when this little error was pointed out to them, and you should hope that they would be!

"Customer accidentally dropped a pound of screws into a box of nails."

Well, I bet that that was a lot of fun to separate! You can tell how angry they are from how they are holding those screws as well.