30 People Who Decided To Play Life The Worst Way Possible

We all choose how we are going to live our life on a daily basis. Most of us like to choose a calm, pleasant existence where we can. However, some people like so add an element of chaos into the world.

So, from people who stole dog food to individuals who don't understand how a bin works, here are 20 people who decided to play life the worst way possible!

"Day 2 of w****** parked in disabled spots. Absolute legend with disability badge has parked in front of them to trap them in."

This person is doing God's work! Anyone who takes up a disabled space without needing one needs to take a good long look at themselves.

"The way my boyfriend's family store their pizzas."

The fact that it has frozen also means that, when they want to cook it, they will have to wait for it to defrost to unfold it again. Alternatively, they could just turn it into a calzone.

"This Google review on a small business."

What a massive waste of time leaving this review was for everyone involved. Why did they not, oh I don't know, wait until they had been to this place before leaving a damn review?!

"Someone at work labeled the milk as expired instead of throwing it out."

Maybe the person who owns the milk has a habit of leaving milk to go bad, and this is a way of letting them know to take their damn milk out the fridge?

"Someone dropped a big pile of spaghetti on the ground at the Newark airport and walked away. It sat there for hours because it's the Newark airport."

I wonder what the spaghetti policy is at this airport? It probably isn't to leave your spaghetti unattended on the floor that's for sure!

"They even outlined it for you...WTF."

Those lines were more like guidelines than actual rules, just like the pirate code. Although, that would not stop me smashing the rest of this cake over the head of whoever did this.

"Thieves stole my steering wheel."

And it looks like it is absolutely hammering down outside as well, it's going to be one hell of an unpleasant walk to work! Why would someone only steal a car's steering wheel in the first place?

"How my brother does the dishes and watches YouTube at the same time (his phone is not waterproof)."

Maybe someone should get this guy a waterproof case for his phone. Or, the better option would probably be to get him an actual stand for him to put his phone in when he's watching videos!

"Roommate throws away dishes so he won't have to do them (I bought all our dishes and silverware)."

Dirty and lazy roommates are always a problem. One person's solution to dealing with one was: "My first roommate at 18 was this kind of guy. One day I told him I was putting his mattress out front if he didn't do his dishes. He didn't think I was serious. Came home to me shoving his mattress out the door."

"The way my roommates leave the toilet paper..."

I just don't think that I could physically leave a toilet roll like that. Some part of my being would force me to fix the atrocities that had been committed to its person.

"Someone hit my mail box and drove off."

It is a good thing that the person who did it left their ID at the scene for anyone to contact them about their dickheadery! Also, that is one hell of a strong mailbox to have survived so in tact!

"This sticker came off with no glue on it. It all remained on the laptop."

One particularly strange individual suggested, "Put the laptop on your leg and use it to remove hair." I really do not want a tour of the inside of that person's head.

"A fruit-fly walked across my chocolate peppermint Pattie as it cooled... leaving foot prints."

If you want to get technical, then one fly enthusiast responded by pointing out:

"Drosophilidea are too small to make imprints that big, unless OP made a very close up macro photo. Looks more like imprints of the proboscis pads of a common housefly. Basically it made a whole bunch of chocolate kisses."

"My roommate threw out an entire pack of fresh strawberries because 'one of them didn't look good.'"

Christ, if this person's roommate had found fly footprints on a bit of food then they would probably have thrown away every bit of food in the house!

"Kids are having fun with friends so a neighbor reported to HOA that they must be running a childcare."

The person who called the HOA must have had one hell of a bleak upbringing to have decided that this was their best course of action.

"People on the sky ride just throw their trash on this roof."

The sad, abandoned bear on the roof is a heartbreaking sight. Someone must surely have just dropped that on there, who would be so heartless as to chuck a bear on the roof after all?!

"This clock in my office at 9AM."

I realise now that the person who posted this was aghast at the fact that the clock's hands are not pointing directly towards 9 and 12. I spent ages trying to work out what the "fractions" were next to each letter like an idiot.

"How my roommate chooses to eat his bananas."

But, why would you ever choose to eat them like this? Does this person ever finish a banana or do they just keep cutting halves off random fresh bananas? What a head-wrecker.

"My little brother did this to our dinner after he was told he could not skip swim team."

Wow, I guess this guy really, really hates going to swim team. But surely there has to be a better way to let his family know than by ruining dinner, right? I hate a lot of things, but I would never ruin perfectly good food.

"I think I married a sociopath. The way my wife uses her magnesium supplements."

Is there a chance that this woman is developing a new way to communicate via supplement packages? I've been trying to decode what this message means for hours. Either that or she just opens her supplements in a really annoying way.

"Biggest letdown I’ve had in a while, tbh."

Shame on those greedy marker companies. All we wanted was to express ourselves creatively and what do they do? Squeeze us for every last penny. So infuriating.

"All the weights... just for me!"

Is it just me or does this remind you of a squirrel hiding acorns for winter? Someone photoshop a squirrel tail on this guy and tell me you don't see the resemblance.

"This woman’s disgusting feet on a cafe table."

How do we get people to keep their shoes on? Any suggestions? Seriously... anything? I feel like as a society we're being held back by people who keep doing this.

"Oblivious woman sitting in front of my dad on a 5 hour flight."

As if flying wasn't already enough of a hassle, then you have to deal with people like this. How does one politely handle this situation? Do you offer them a hair tie? Someone let me know if you ever run into this problem on your next flight.

"We had a birthday at the office today and our boss insisted on cutting the cake..."

At first glance, this cake-cutting job doesn't look too bad but as you look closer, you'll realize this poor cake was basically butchered. I call the piece that looks like a rectangle!


It needs to be said: No one wants to hear your music from one of these portable players. No one. Not me, not your parents, not your friends, and definitely not random strangers on the street. Just leave it at home.

"This hall pass that attempts to make you feel guilty for normal bodily functions."

Why do teachers have so many issues with students needing to use the restroom? They act shocked when students ask to excuse themselves even though... everyone needs to go? Save the condescending lectures for topics that aren't related to normal bodily functions.

"Roommate throws away dishes so he won’t have to do them (I bought all our dishes and silverware)."

I know no one likes cleaning the dishes, but is it really so bad that you would resort to throwing away your dishes every time they needed to be cleaned? I'm no accounting expert but that's going to add up big time.

"This woman letting her dog eat the food that was given to the stray. I was on the fifth floor and couldn't say a single thing."

Either way, what kind of person just lets their dog eat random food that has been left on the street? Feed your dog properly while you are at home!

"12 dumbbells out and he's playing Candy Crush with the volume up."

This guy is really smashing his workout! Candy Crush can really get your heart rate up which is the most important part! Who needs weights when you have video-games?