20 Pics That Gave Us A Reason To Smile

No matter what type of day you're having, seeing something that makes you smile can improve it anyway. After all, none of us are immune to some infectiously cute and funny moments.

Change a bad day, improve an okay day, or make a good day even better by checking out this list of 20 pics that gave us a reason to smile!

"20 Years of date nights."

This is such a cute idea! It's a great collection of memories and shows guests what you two are really about. In this case, it seems to be champagne. Lots of champagne. Some wine, too.

"My husband grew up without a dad. My Dad is taking him on his first father-son camp out today."

Family can be anything you make of it, and the impact a father figure has can be known at any age. I hope they had a great time camping together!

"He doesn’t know it yet but today is his last day of being a stray."

I was going to say he doesn't look too pleased about it, but you haven't given him the news! Once you do I'm sure he'll brighten up and be the most excited cat this side of the city.

A helping hand!

The person who took this photo described the story in the caption: "Saw that every time I watered the plants there were bees drinking from the ground so I made a bee bath out of a bowl and rocks. Every day when I get home there are a bunch of them drinking and buzzing around. They are my cute little friends now!"

"My cat, Nubbins, doing her daily crunches."

This cat is more dedicated to her workout routine than I am. And good for her, she's a great role model to all us hard working humans!

"Caught me an 80 pounder."

In the forever-lasting trend of 'big dogs thinking they're the size of puppies' is this photo, of a sweet boy and his sweet dad posing for a lovely portrait!

"I took the plastic wrapper off the family TV remote, this was my mother's response the next day."

So it worked out in the end then, because this is way cuter than some old plastic sticker! I didn't even know they made these, but now that I do, I might have to get myself one.

"Whatever this dog is going through, I feel it."

He's struggling a little bit, but he'll make it through. He's going to keep on swimming and, with the support of his human holding the leash, he will make it to shore! After which he'll take a well-deserved nap.

"My wife likes to leave sweet love notes around the house for me to find."

It's nice to be given a task that gets done automatically as soon as you wake up. Not to mention it's considered important, you must just be great at your job!

"It is Bring Your Cat to Work Day and our coworker's cat fell asleep in the file tray."

She deserves a nap, she's been hard at work all day being the cutest employee in the office. That's a really taxing job, you know!

"Please don't make fun of this. I asked my mom to make me a bulbasaur cake for my 21st birthday, and this is the result. She doesn't do any kind of art and [I'm] really happy with it."

For someone who doesn't do any kind of art, this is fantastic! The fact that she cared enough to study what he looks like and try something she's never done before all to make you happy shows that she truly cares.

"Got some friends together & picked up trash as we walked through local trails!"

What a great initiative! If every group of friends changed one of their hangouts to this, imagine the difference it could make. Especially if it becomes a recurring thing. Monthly trash pickup, anybody?

"A picture to commemorate my husband's first day of his office reopening. They grow up so fast."

It feels like one moment you're helping them get home because they're too drunk to stand in the bar you met them at, and the next they're off to their salaried corporate job. Blink and you miss it.

Pick of the bunch!

Another sweet tale that was told in the caption, "My husband stops by our local grocery store every Friday to get roses for me. It’s been his tradition for years. Apparently the managers noticed so when he went today they were super excited to show him that they hid all the roses behind the counter until he got there so he could have first choice."

"Meet my new worried lil lump of a foster kitten. Her name is Honey Bee!"

The person who uploaded the photo said she looked so worried because she just got her bandage changed, and normally she's a very happy girl! Though there's no denying her concerned expression is also pretty cute.

"Wife’s back in classroom this week and has been stressing so I got a bunch of stuff to make her some adult lunchables with extra chocolate."

The extra level of thought and care put into a gesture like this is so sweet! Not to mention they look super good, how much do you charge for delivery?

"[I'm] the sister."

This is both sweet and hilariously insulting all in the same breath. Younger siblings seem to master that art effortlessly. They love you, but they'll diss you without a second thought.

When paint on the floor is actually a relief.

"My [friend's daughter's] hamster has been missing and feared dead for almost 2 weeks now. Last night she forgot to wash up the paint tray after a day of decorating. We now think the hamster may still be alive…"

"Got my FORG birthday cake today!"

I don't know if it's the little frosting frog sitting on the edge, or the fact that this cake does just say 'Forg', but it really had me giggling.

"Playing hide and seek with a toddler is always a thrill."

A thrill because they're so hard to find? Because I can't see any toddler in this picture, no sir, so whoever is hiding must be really good at it.