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20 Decisions That Made Zero Sense

When you look at the world around you, there are countless examples of forethought and ingenuity.

Then again, on the other hand, there are also countless examples of people absolutely mailing it in with little thought to how things would turn out.

Consider this list a tribute to the stuff that doesn't make a lick of sense.


Reddit | ZePenguinDoktor

You'd think a company that specializes in sliding doors, a company whose literal name is The Sliding Door Company, would want to show off their signature item when you're entering their building. Maybe traditional doors are just the best way.

"When your security gate is a ladder."

Reddit | pcjcusaa1636

I mean, it doesn't look like a particularly comfortable ladder to climb or anything. That said, if you want to get around the security measures, it provides a perfect way to hop the gate.

"Nothing like the smell of coffee and a good eye-stab in the morning."

Reddit | CosmeBuzzanito

I like cute mugs as much as the next guy, but at some point, function has to take precedence over form. Then again, I might be okay with this mug because I wear glasses.

"Would you like your chips with or without chips?"

Reddit | ZodiacWarrior_

This whole menu is a mess. Why does adding chips cost different amounts depending on what the main course is? Then, moving onto the focus of this pic, how do you get chips without chips?

"This woman turning into fish roll."

Reddit | Cream77

You can definitely combine a spa day with a sushi day if you're treating yourself. But turning into a fish roll while getting a massage isn't exactly what I had in mind with that.

"Just watched a guy go into the wrong bathroom at Toronto Pearson Airport. He was looking at the top sign."

Reddit | AdmHornblower

It's amazing how they give each washroom two labels and somehow, it makes things even more confusing and unclear.

"The Braille on the ALARM and STOP button on this bus are the same."

Reddit | YaBoiJasper

This is bad news for anyone with visual impairments. Then again, it's bad news for practically everyone when you put those two buttons so close together.

"These benches at my university are tilted back and have no drainage system, so the water just sits there for up to days after a rainstorm."

Reddit | BedrockPanda

These are attractive benches. It's too bad the seat area is constantly covered with a leafy, wet sludge.

"Sink attached to the toilet, forming a perfect slide."

Reddit | batataqw89

If you were a tiny person, like six inches tall, this would be a fun slide to play on. That is, of course, until you realized that the slide leads directly into a toilet.

"That's how I broke my leg."

Reddit | Dis-Man-8

Not all stairs are created equal, because different types of stairs are needed to bridge different types of gaps. These are the kinds of stairs you make, for instance, if you want to make them challenging to climb.

"I think my stairs fit here."

Reddit | IsItKandar

While we're talking about expert-level stairs, get a load of this staircase. Climbing from the room on the right and down the stairs would be something I'd never want to attempt with the lights turned off.

"National Geographic magazine that warns about danger of plastic bags comes inside a plastic bag that is inside a plastic bag."

Reddit | dumbomb

Maybe the magazine is trying to make an emphatic point by bagging its issue. Then again, maybe nobody thought of how dumb this would look.

"This IKEA colander has a lip that curves inward that traps pasta."

Reddit | jenjen5308

I'd like to take a moment to point out that I have this exact same colander, and using it is just as frustrating as it looks. At least the stainless steel looks classy.

"The absolute crap design of my school. This is the place where every hallway intersects."

Reddit | LuigiSaysKachow

Schools are often built in sections, with new wings slapped onto existing hallways with not much thought put into the process. Here's the end result.

"Glass on a remote...why??"

Reddit | chiletrain

I feel fortunate that my remote controls don't have glass on them, because I drop those suckers on the floor about three times an hour. It's a surprise any of them still work at this point.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the pinnacle of human stupidity."

Reddit | KoldunMaster

Some things need a wrapper in order to be sold in a hygienic manner. Not many things come with their own natural wrapper, after all...unless you're talking about bananas, which totally do not need to be wrapped up.

"I guess my world history class skipped quite a bit."

Reddit | not2useful

Fonts are fun, aren't they? If they'd picked a different one, this commemorative plaque probably wouldn't look half as weird. If it's any solace, I doubt we can get to World War 11 without completing wiping ourselves out.

"The builders decided that they wanted this bannister to clip through the wall."

Reddit | the_nugget77

If you're a nostalgic '90s kid who loves the low polygons and rampant clipping present in early 3D video games, this is clearly the house for you.

"A sign that looks like it says 'follow someone home'."

Reddit | TabCompletion

Two things here: yes, it looks like it says 'follow someone home', which is way creepy. Additionally, why would you have such small text on a sign designed to be read by drivers.

"Is this how I instrument?"

Reddit | pohling2

The oboe is a goofy enough instrument as it is. You don't need to play it with weirdly disjointed spider hands to make it look weirder.

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