20 Mistakes That Are Going To Be A Challenge To Fix

Every so often, we're faced with a challenge in life. An unfortunate situation that we have to stare in its face and handle, no matter how much it'll suck. It'll be tough, yes, but there will be a lesson to be learned at the end of it all. Hopefully.

In this list, there are certainly mistakes that were tough to fix, but only some people learned their lesson from it.

"My 9 year old sister destroyed our microwave doing a '[TikTok] life hack' (the starburst melted into the actual microwave)."

What life hack could possibly require sticking a starburst in the microwave?

Also, I wouldn't worry too much, this seems far from ruined. Just grab a chisel and a hammer and go at it, you'll chip it away in no time.

"In the middle of laundry and the knob that turns my dryer on just shattered."

Before anyone suggests it, they did already try the 'clamp a pair of pliers on and use that' method, but the pliers had nothing to latch onto.

Sorry for your loss, but that knob did look a little late in its years. That plastic can only withstand so many turns.

"My younger brother, who moves out in 2 weeks, tried to make a pizza."

So he put the pizza in the oven on a plastic tray but still had the foresight to put a layer of tin foil in there to catch anything that would fall? Did he do this knowing it would melt but just decided to go ahead with it anyway?

"The crane on a glass truck came apart and glass fell all over the highway!"

Of all the things to have spill lose on the road, glass might just be one of the worst possibilities. The only bigger hazards I can think of would be nails, railroad spikes, and other cars.

"Stairs retrofitted into old house are a death trap."

With some house layouts, you just have to look at it and decide no, it's not worth it to make this work. Tear the whole thing out and do it again, it'll be worth the decreased chance of breaking your ankle every morning.

"Now how am I supposed to use that..."

The realistic and correct answer is to grab the bottle from the bottom and push it up. The easier, but grosser answer is to suck it out like it's a straw and spit it into your hands. The best answer is to just carry your own sanitizer.

"Me and my mom failed to notice our car keys and bag hanging on the chair when we gorilla glued the top piece of the chair back on."

Hopefully, you'll never lose your keys again at least, seeing as you'll have to lug around a whole chair with them. Also, you and your mom can only go places together now, it wouldn't be fair for either of you to take the other's things.

"My wife tossed a pile of laundry into the dryer. Along with a brand new box of 500 dryer sheets..."

On one hand, you'll have to go buy new dryer sheets, which sucks. You'll probably also have to do a thorough cleaning of that dryer. On the other hand, your clothes have never smelled fresher than they do right now.

"Foll is just around the corner!"

Ah, my favourite season, outumn, is approaching soon. We'll see all the leaves on the trees turn rod, and celebrate my favorite holiday, Hollowoon! Can't wait to carve some pompkons and hand out some condy.

"This Tattoo speaks volumes."

Live am who your I am truth? I mean, yeah, sure man, if that's what you want to say to the world then who am I to bring you down.

Wait, sources are telling me it's supposed to say 'I am who I am' as well as 'live your truth'. That could have just been two separate tattoos.

"A jar of [turmeric] broke inside my car."

How on earth did a jar of turmeric wedge itself into such an awkward spot in your car? Hopefully, you can get a vacuum in there, but in the meantime, you should invest in some air fresheners so it's not all turmeric all the time.

"[Opened] up my new neon lamp to put batteries in it & found this."

Do they expect you to have batteries that destroy the laws of electricity and conduction just laying around? Or is this a challenge to see if you can create them yourself? Is this some new quest that just unlocked for you?

"I spent 5 minutes searching for the light switch until I opened the FREAKING MEDICINE CABINET."

They say things you're searching for are always in the last place you look, and they mean it. It's truly in the last place you'd ever even think to look. Maybe it's shy? Come on out little light switch, it's okay.

"Came back home after two weeks of holiday to find out that the cola I left in the freezer exploded leaving the freezer door wide open, for two weeks."

I hate to be the 'you brought this upon yourself' guy but isn't it universal knowledge by now that anything carbonated does not go in the freezer? Especially before a two-week vacation. Good luck with that defrosting, you might need a pickaxe!

"An outlet in a mirror over a sink, crappy or genius?"

If there's anyone out there who thinks this is genius, I worry for their sanity, as I do for the person that cleared this in the first place. This is a disaster just waiting to happen.

"A perfect model of every dog I've ever seen."

You mean to tell me your dog doesn't have a constant, human-shaped smile, terrifying vampire fangs, and a disembodied tongue protruding from its chin? Mine does, is that wrong or something?

"Stairs look like a monster bent them or something."

This can't be safe, I feel myself losing my balance just looking at this. Was it by design, or did someone who was very mad and in possession of a baseball bat come by one day and take their anger out for a little bit?

"Lost my phone in the woods, found it. But a car found it first."

Cars are known to have excellent noses. While they aren't great on picking up organic things, they can sniff out a piece of tech miles away, tracking it just so they can roll their wheels over it. You gotta get to finding these things fast if you want it back in one piece.

"Dog decided my expensive remote was a chew toy."

You knew he was getting sick and tired of all the reality shows you watched by the way he cried whenever they were on, you just ignored him! Maybe next time you'll take his recommendations into consideration and put on a nice documentary.

"She must get lost often."

I don't fear for her, she's not able to look at her own back for directions. I fear more for the tattoo artist who thought this was correct, or any person who does try to use her for navigational purposes.

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