15+ Times People Learned Their Lesson

As we grow, we make mistakes and learn from them. However, when we're adults a lot of us still manage to make mistakes...seriously, it never ends.

So, from people who used BBQs when they were upside down to individuals who gave themselves bruises for the most idiotic of reasons, here are 16+ people who learned their lesson!

"On a door in the Health Sciences building at school."

"I'm not sure what I've made here Dave, do you think this smells anything like Chloroform? Dave... Dave?"

"I sense a conflict of interest..."

In fairness, who is really going to buy healthy snacks at a fundraiser? No one, that's who!

"What Exactly Does Tom Want with Jerry?"

Look, there has been countless critical essays written about Tom from The Great Gatsby, let someone look at Tom from Tom & Jerry for once!

"A little savage wisdom from my Physics professor..."

Something tells me that this professor doesn't take it easy on his students, which can be both a good thing and a bad thing.

"I'm a 911 Dispatcher, and HR got us giant '911' shaped donuts. We were all a little concerned when we opened the first box."

If HR sends you sexually inappropriate cakes though, who do you report them to?!

Always Remember To Remove The Placeholder Text!

This unfortunate father explained, "Tried to order a custom shirt showing my love for my son's favorite cartoon character. Apparently I forgot to remove the placeholder text I added to the back while designing it."

"So my grade 5 son had his 'the birds and the bees' lesson at school today. Needless to say he wasn't impressed."

The one bit that really made me laugh was just the tone of bafflement in the phrase, "The sperm swim? (How)"!

"Sitting in my immunology class when..."

Damn it, lecture theatres aren't the place to go dropping spoilers for TV shows!

"Never bake cookies in a crop top!"

Surprisingly, pressing searing hot metal against your bare skin never really goes well in my experience. Just a heads up for anyone wondering.

"So... My brother made a 'pRanK' and did this. We don't have a key."

Making sure that you have the keys for a lock before locking it is pretty basic stuff when you're working with locks!

"My professor gets the internet...and hindsight."

There are plenty of examples of innocent people who have been betrayed by their domain name, but these are some of the worst examples I have ever seen!

"An ER nurse and her coworkers decided gummy bears needed to be renamed..."

Well, now I know never to eat gummy bears when in the company of a nurse, they'll just ruin them for everyone!

"Learn from my mistakes..."

I guess that you could call this guy a sucker!

*Tinned laughter...

"Candle was super fragrant last night... Now I know why!"

They are incredibly lucky that the screen itself isn't damaged. All they have now is a very trendy Dali-esque dripping TV!

"My neighbor helping others learn from their mistake."

Normally people spray paint phallic images around things like this in order to get the council to fix them, but not this person!

"In-laws invited us over for dinner... It was a trap."

"If you want your dinner, then you need to build the table you are to eat it off! Your time starts now!"

"Wait...I'm being timed?"

"Of course!"

"Professor reads his reviews during the course."

Well, I suppose that a teacher has to motivate their students in absolutely any way that they can!

"Learned the hard way not to have BBQ at home ever again..."

Having a BBQ like this in your house isn't the issue here, the issue is that he didn't realize it was upside down! Were the little rubber feet sticking into the air not a giveaway?! What a donut!

"Character growth, but make it permanent."

I don't know if it would simply have been better to not draw attention to those tattoos... But who knows?!

"Accidentally leaving 8 ink pens in the dryer..."

I suppose there is a chance that this could give your clothes a cool tie-dye aesthetic? It's probably more likely to just ruin them though really.