20 Times People Made Wild Mistakes

There are all manner of wild mistakes out there that unfortunate people make on a daily basis, the sorts of things that just leave you scratching your head in amazement.

So, from clowns who chose the strangest font for their adverts to individuals who built massively impractical staircases, here are 20 people who made wild mistakes!

"Why is it in blood font?!"

Most kids find clowns terrifying enough as it is so there's no need to write your clown advertisement in blood!

Mint In Box!

The fact that they put a Mr. Fantastic toy in there really completes the effect!

"I've a feeling Bob has some regrets today..."

Bob looks like he needs to learn how to pace himself, he'll be ODing on catnip if he's not careful!

"Htheater Oautomation Mnetworking Eentertainment!"

"You mean, theatre automation networking entertainment?"

"No! I mean Htheater Oautomation Mnetworking Eentertainment!"

"Are you okay?"

"Can you call me an ambulance please."

"Ran the London Marathon a couple of years back. Think I missed a bit with the sunscreen..."

At least they can save money on vest tops for the foreseeable future, which is something I guess.

"At a gas station, too!"

This is the flight plan for those who want to go to Mars but aren't too bothered about making it there in one piece.


The idea that she just thought it would make the engine "louder" had me in absolute stitches. If only life were that simple.

"Found this on my car today..."

I guess that this is a pretty clear sign that you need to start considering buying a new car!

"Who's gonna tell her?"

All this list has done is prove to me that people should have to pass a test before they are allowed near a gas station.

"When it's date night with your husband and you sneak a peak into the kid's room to see if she is sleeping."

Is this a new sleeping technique that I haven't been made aware of, just doing handstands until you fall asleep or pass out?

"If your ball is the wrong size, it will go in the top but not come out the bottom!"

Why would anyone ever design a net like this, it's not like the very simple design that people have been using for years needed improving?

"Someone will move it."

If the local government don't move it then I think someone's truck will do that job for them before too long!

"Biggest water bug I have ever seen."

You'll need one hell of a net to catch that bug, if you'd even want to catch it that is. I mean, it's hardly a looker!

"Person fined for speeding while their car was being towed..."

I am sure that they won't actually have to pay for this mistake...right? It seems like the sort of thing that the government would try to make them pay for though.

"New staircase at my school."

"Hey, can I get out of here please sir?"

"No Timmy, you chose that side of the railing, and you'll stay there for the rest of your school career!"

"There was an attempt to blur her face..."

"You said that you'd blur out my face?!"

"And we did! We didn't say anything about your reflection's face though."

"Basketball is fun, unless..."

Also, having a hoop that close to a fence is just asking for trouble. I mean, how many kids are going to be scaling that trying to get their ball back.

"Houston Ducks arrested..."

"What are you in for then?"

"Selling quack..."

"I'm going to murder you."

"At least they locked up..."

I love the idea that the person who locked this up thinks that people are so honest that they will simply respect the symbol of the lock!

"We call it the discovery stage."

They were just trying to help you out with the seasoning! Also, you guys really need to move that grill further away from that fence!