16+ Times People Were Their Own Worst Nightmare

A lot of the time we can all, however inadvertently, make our own lives more difficult for ourselves.

From melting their own televisions to Russian roulette deviled eggs, here are 16+ times people were their own worst nightmare.

"Didn't realize one of my glove fingers broke until I was done dyeing my hair."

Well, this is just massively unfortunate, but I hope that their hair looks good. I wonder what color they were dyeing it?

"The womanizing douche with a guitar."

So, I'm assuming that these lessons will consist of learning half of Wonderwall?

"I love this guy's level of pettiness..."

It's good to see that this guy is at least trying to warn people against making the mistake that he did! Truly, he's doing the lord's work!

"My Boss didn't realize that there was an envelope of cash on her desk before using the shredder."

Reddit | Flying-Tilta

Wow, someone needs to go and get the sticky tape! Time for some seriously high-stakes crafting!

"They really should have expected this."

"So, when I asked you to be the curator of the Titanic museum..."

"Look, I didn't realize that giant iceberg was going to do so much damage, but in hindsight, it should probably have been obvious."

"RIP to the guy who just left his pizza on the car."

Dependent on how drunk and/or hungry you are, this could still be quite the feast!

"Gravity wins. But I live to trip another day."

Nothing like running down the stairs in socks trying to answer the door for a package to remind you how harsh gravity can be.

"Told the family there is a prize egg."

When the guy who did this forgets which one he tampered with and eats it himself, then he'll have egg on his face.


"This Board In A Vacuum Shop..."

Well, maybe they need to get some better stock then, jeez! This is like the basics of owning a business, believe in your product!

"My butter on seeing my ugly face first thing in the morning."

I feel like if I saw that first thing in the morning, then I would be heading straight back to bed. I don't need criticism like that from my margarine first thing in the morning.


"What does that license plate say?"

"I think it says please stop?"

"Pfft! Well, I'll show them!"

"A sign outside [an] off strip casino in Las about pulling a Ferris."

I wonder how many of the staff were sick of explaining that they do not have a valet service before they felt the need to just put this up.

"When Grandma prioritises the dog over you."

I think that her chances of not having her head cut off would have been much improved if she hadn't looked like she wanted to be anywhere else but in this picture!

"I let my boyfriend take my car to see his mom. My car keys have a glass-breaking rescue tool on them. This is my boyfriend's mom's table now."

I mean, you can definitely be sure that this little keyring works after this fiasco, so that's something you can be happy with!

"I ordered garlic butter knots. I'm afraid to open it."

I bet that they still ate it though, despite this warning and understanding what it would do to their insides!

"'It's always so cold in our house. Our furnace sucks.' — Wife Jan2020 -32°C."

Yeah, their house may be cold, but their gloves, dusters, and pillows are super toasty I bet!

"This tells a story..."

I like how it also looks like the person who was walking alongside them just kept walking and abandoned them!

"Must Be A Church Of Ladder Day Saints."

Seems like this guy has a bit of a problem with his employer, and therefore wants to find the fastest way to meet them!

"Candle was super fragrant last night... Now I know why!"

"Mmm, that candle smells nice, what scent is it?"


"Ah, it's lovely."

"Spilled bleach on my new black pants."

Reddit | that1legend

Ask anyone who's spilled bleach on their clothes whether the marks will ever go away...

"I think the bread's warm."

Reddit | bsurfn2day

On the plus side, they got some fun, stringy plastic art to go along with their ruined oven.

"Well, it is not a good idea to clean the screen of the Macbook with glass cleaner."

Reddit | xcstf

This is horrifying because they just used glass cleaner. Like, what else are you supposed to use?

"I ordered a 6ft tall rainbow tree from a Facebook ad and this is what showed up!"

Reddit | soomanytomatoes

If something looks too good in online photos, there's at least a 50% chance that it'll be a disappointment.

"Apparently I bought a brining bag instead of a baking bag."

Reddit | jesseburns

I don't know anything about baking a turkey or brining, but I can say with certainty that that looks gross.

"The dinner my husband was cooking for three hours."

Reddit | UnluckyDayOfMe

Hey, if you just...pick out all the tiny, microscopic shards of'll be a nice meal.

"Random guy drove his car into my house on Sunday morning causing $24k worth of damage."

Reddit | hfrte

That's one way to wake up on a peaceful Sunday morning. Judging from the plates, Florida man has struck again.

"Saw this on FB with someone asking for a contractor."

Reddit | King_Baboon

I wouldn't have any advice for this person other than, "Leave your basement before your whole house pancakes on top of you."

"When your cabinet decides it’s time to break [loose] and come crashing down the day you install your brand new glass top stove."

Reddit | thorisadog

At least this destroys everything in one fell swoop, allowing this homeowner to replace everything at the same time.

My twelve-year-old, allergic to nearly everything."

Reddit | airlee77

This is what it must feel like to know you've lost the genetic jackpot.