15 Questionable Tattoo Designs People Still Went For

People get tattoos for different reasons. Some just like the way they look. Others view them as a cool status. Then there are memorial tattoos to honor someone. And then, some folks get one on a whim.

Which one are you? Whatever the reason for getting a tattoo, make sure it's at least well-done. These tats here are not a good example of that, ha, ha!

1. This Wolf Abomination

I legit can’t stop laughing. Did this so-called artist even stencil this? Ha, ha! If any tattoo professional did that to me, I would definitely have something to say about it. Oh wait, it wasn't a professional at all. Aha!

2. This Word Jumble

Okay, I get it. I know what this tattoo is supposed to say. Obviously, it was meant to read "We The People." But with this unfortunate font choice, it now reads, "We we people." Different context for sure.

3. This Sad Joker

Isn't the Joker supposed to always be laughing? Well, if I got this tattoo, I sure would be crying. How about you? I kind of feel like the real Joker would actually like it, though, ha, ha!

4. This Bob Marley Nightmare

Bob Marley was such a cool guy. I love grooving to his music, alright. But I bet he wouldn't be too impressed if he saw this likeness of himself. What happened here? I'd love to know.

5. This Marilyn Monroe Mishap

Oh no! I think it's safe to say that this Marilyn has seen better days. I would love to get a tattoo of her. However, I would stay as far away from this artist as I could.

6. This MJ Confusion

Did this person ask for a Michael Jackson or Michael Jordan tattoo? From the looks of it, I can't really tell. The face is all MJ, but then the Bulls thing is throwing me for a loop.

7. This Terrifying Dog

I usually adore tattoos of dogs. Sadly, I can't say that about this one. If you want to be terrified of animals, get something like this tattooed on your body. For me, it's the thing of nightmares.

8. This Powerful Lesson

Kids, here's the proof of why you should stay in school. If this guy did, he would definitely be able to double-check this spelling here. And now, he's stuck with this stupid message on his body.

9. This Wrecking Ball

I don't think I need to say this, but who needs a wrecking ball when you've got a gem like this of your own. Is this guy a fan of Miley or a foe? From this mess, I do not know.

10. This Poor Kid

I think it's cute when parents get a picture of their kids tattooed. But this kid here looks more like one of the twins from The Shining. I hope this guy had the right mind not to show it to his daughter. Yikes!

11. This Memorable Order

Parents, make sure you watch your kids like a hawk. Because one day they, too, might show up with a McDonald's receipt tattooed on their arm. WTF? I mean, come on. That must've been one memorable meal, right?

12. This Journey From Bad To Worse

Correct me if I'm wrong, but a tattoo cover-up is supposed to make it look better than before, no? So what was this artist thinking here? They made it look that much worse. Do you agree with me?

13. This Baby Portrait

So you had a baby. Great. Now you want to get a tattoo. Awesome. Wait a minute, this, can't be it? This baby tattoo looks like the kid aged as the tattoo artist was putting it on their skin. I have no words.

14. This Face

If I saw someone with a tattoo like this walking down the street, I would be a little terrified, not gonna lie. It kind of reminds me of those old-school portraits where it seems like the eyes follow you. It's too creepy for me.

15. This Bird

This chubby little bird looks pretty cute, even though I have never seen this type of bird in real life. However, it looks like the artist forgot one crucial detail — its feet! Poor, birdie.

Oh my! How can I unsee some of these tattoos here, ha, ha?

I'm so grateful that I thoroughly researched the tattoos I planned on getting. I would be so pissed off if I ended up with something as awful as these questionable designs here.