15 Powerful Backstories That Inspired People's Tattoos

Tattooing is one of the coolest art mediums around. You can use it to show off your love for your favorite hobby, or pay tribute to a loved one.

Tribute tattoos are some of the most unique out there. From handwritten messages from those who have passed on to depictions of family history, these tattoos will have you wanting to get a new tattoo ASAP.

This tattoo has a lot of real history behind it.

"Got a zap today in honor of my dad. It depicts our ancestor William Red Eagle Weatherford’s famous leap off a cliff to escape Andrew Jackson’s army. By Cornfed at Old Glory Tattoo in Placentia, CA."

This tattoo is a tribute to all things mom.

"My mom has cooked all her life and inspires me to do the same. A special take on a mom tattoo with her initials etched at the ends. Done by Jon B at Testament Tattoo, Addison TX."

This tattoo is actually hilarious.

"A line from a letter my mom wrote me. I saved it because it’s so perfectly her. Now I have her handwriting with me forever. Done by Zita at Rose Red Tattoo in Ellicott City, MD."

This tattoo was meant to have a match.

"This is a tattoo my dad and I had planned to get together next year. He passed away recently so I went and got this for both of us."

This ship will forever sail.

"My mom and dad had cancer at the same time in the same hospital. He wrote her this note when they were too sick to visit each other. This is my first ever tattoo, in his memory!"

This tattoo represents a whole family!

"My first big tattoo dedicated to my family, those three birds represent me and my siblings and feather represent the love and care by mom dad."

This cute little tattoo has a sweet backstory.

"My dad died on December 15, 2016. Today, I got a tattoo."

This is a perfect tribute, and I love that it's minimalist in style. What a sweet-looking man to memorialize.

This note is forever memorialized now!

"My mum passed away a few months ago, yesterday I got my first tattoo."

I love the idea of getting a loved one's writing tattooed on you.

This floral tattoo symbolizes a tragic fight.

"Adapted what was meant to be Mom's cancer recovery tattoo. To remind me of her strength, love, peace, and logic despite the war her physical body waged upon her - it pushes me to always fight to keep growing."

This tattoo kept it in the family!

"My most recent tattoo, my dad retired from tattooing 5 years ago because his hands started to shake for Father’s Day i asked his old tattoo buddy if we could use his studio for my dad to give me a tattoo, he agreed and i gave my dad free range as long as it was traditional looking."

This tattoo is too cute for words.

"Grimers and Muk that represents my dad, brother, and I and one of my favorite childhood memories that involve the 3 of us. Artist is Joe and Blackgate Studio in Frankfort KY."

This tattoo was a tribute to mom and dad.

"Date and time of my dads passing. Purple roses as a tribute to my moms fav color [on] him. Ink Elephant, McAllen, Tx. Artist: ig: @ericryantattoos."

I love that they included his mom's favorite color on her husband!

This dagger has a cute memory behind it.

"I’ve always been a bug fanatic, and my mom always wanted to get a dragonfly tattoo. She passed away two years ago from melanoma, so I got this for her. So stoked with how this one turned out."

This tattoo is totally original!

"My first tattoo! A sound waveform if my dad, mom, and brother saying “I love you” down my spine."

I totally want a tattoo like this!

I un-ironically want this tattoo.

"I got this as a tribute for all of the great Moms in my life. My Mom, My Wife, My Sisters, friends Mom's who cared & also for my mother in Law and my Grandmothers. Simple and classic. I love it."

Hell yeah, moms!

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