Sisters Honor Fallen Father's Final Note To Them With Powerful Tattoos

As unnerving as it is to think about, there's going to be a time when we lose someone close to us.

Everyone grieves in different ways, but such a loss is always going to bring survivors a new chapter of hardship and uncertainty. And to weather this emotional storm, it's not uncommon to come forth with a heartfelt tribute in the hopes that somehow, somewhere, it will be appreciated.

So when a pair of sisters discovered that their beloved father had one final message for them before he passed away, they knew what they had to do.

After dealing with a hereditary lung disease, Rudolph Clausing of Siloam Springs, Arkansas contracted COVID-19 shortly before Thanksgiving last year.

Sadly, Good Morning America reported that this combination would prove fatal for him and he would pass away on January 13.

However, his family had one final chance to say goodbye to him, where they discovered that he had left a note that read, "It has been such a good life."

And for his daughters Anna Harp and Abrielle Clausing, this note lent some insight into the the kind of person he was.

In Harp's words, "He's such a selfless person to be thinking about other people on the last moments of his life. He thought to write this note to us, so that we knew that he had a good life, and he was at peace with the life that he had."

Inspired by this final gesture, the two sisters took a trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma for an appointment with Harp's favorite tattoo artist, Dustin Cleveland.

At his parlor, each woman would get a special tattoo honoring his last words.

In Abrielle's case, this took the form of a Spartan piece that matched her late father's handwriting.

As for Harp's version of the tribute, it seemed to emphasize the fact that he had left a note as part of a larger design that included some flowers of remembrance.

As Harp said, "It was just really important to us because we just have so much love for him. This was the only way we could think to show it and just have this reminder every day that he did live such a good life."

h/t: Good Morning America

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