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People Are Sharing The Unsolicited Parenting Advice They've Gotten

The minute you have a child, it's like a siren appears above your head that lets everyone know you're a new parent. Everyone else who already has children believes this is the moment they should bombard you with 100 different things you "have to do" or "have to avoid doing."

No matter what, people think we always need parenting advice—even after our third child. But, sometimes, the advice is just truly awful.

Bananas have "too much sugar."

On an airplane, having your child eat a quick little something that won't make a huge mess is ideal. But, when a stranger tells you that there is too much sugar in bananas for your baby, you basically want to hit her.

The whole "give your baby whiskey" trick.

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One Reddit user shared, and many agreed, that the teething "whiskey trick" is truly the worst parenting advice they have ever received. Many point out that alcohol is "literally poison" for a newborn child and it's not going to help them.

Don't coddle the baby!

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"Oh, the classic: 'Don‘t pick your screaming baby up. They‘re trying to manipulate you.'

Duuuude. My kid is a few months old. While I‘m sure they‘re super smart, I‘m also sure that they‘re no tiny super villain who are already paving their way to world dominance," one Reddit user said.

Why do they think we're useless?

For some reason, people think that new parents are totally useless and truly clueless. I know what diaper rash is and I know what treatments are needed for it, too.

In fact, I have it in my diaper bag. Thanks so much for asking though.

"They don't need explanations."

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Many agreed that when people say that "kids don't need explanations," it's infuriating. Kids do deserve to have answers.

"Kids understand a lot more than you think, and if they're asking certain questions... Then it's time to answer them," one person said.

Germs should fly.

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"A man on the subway saw my wife reminding my daughter to cough into her elbow and told my daughter my wife was wrong and she should sneeze and cough directly out into the air/on to other people to 'let the germs out,'" one person commented.

Spank your kids.

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One person said that a dozen people suggested that they "spank their child." But, argued that spanking "doesn't work" and instead, feels like it's pretty inappropriate to suggest that unsolicitedly.

Truth be told, spanking seems to be a bit off nowadays.

Kids should tan.

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"'Let her get a tan, the sun is good for her!'

While holding her tanned 4 month old baby on the beach, as her bald little head was getting redder by the minute. My baby is 5 months old, and half Irish, you do you with yours, but mine ain't getting melanoma any time soon," one mom commented.

Forget the housework!

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Someone said they will never understand why people suggest to "let the housework go" when you have a new baby.

In theory, it sounds good to have the time off, but then your house becomes a disaster factory and you're stuck in chaos and feel twice as stressed out because you can't get ahead of any of it.

You can drink while pregnant, it's totally fine.

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"Not so much advice as a constant offer:

Them: 'Do you want insert x alcohol?'

Me: 'Not thanks, I shouldn't be drinking points at pregnancy belly'

Them: 'Oh, it's fine - drinking won't affect them'

Yes, it will, Karen. There's a reason fetal alcohol syndrome is a thing and I'd rather not take that chance, thanks," one mom commented.

Trying to tell parents how to feed their kids.

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One parent said that they've been told putting their baby in a car seat is "bad for their back and tailbone," but the most insane advice they were ever given was that breastfeeding the baby is "bad."

And, instead, the formula is better and she should be giving her baby that.

No DIY projects anytime soon.

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"My son was born with a strawberry birthmark on his forehead- the type that goes away by the time they are 3 or so.

One day an older gentleman said to me, 'don't try and cut that off at home,'" said another parent.

Have more kids.

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One mom said that she was shopping in a grocery store with her child and all of a sudden a stranger came up to her and said, "You should have more kids soon, kids need siblings."

Definitely strange for a stranger to say!

Discipline advice is always...strange.

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One parent said that someone, truly and honestly, told them that if a child bites them, that they should bite them back.

Truly, there are many things I have heard, but this one takes the cake for insanity. Am I wrong?!

This one is just...wow.

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"The worst: From my boss when I was working overseas. When I found out my wife was pregnant with triplets, his advice was to leave. He was dead serious.

He also was the one who advised I put whiskey in their bottles just before an overseas flight to get them to sleep," one person shared.