20 People Who Got Caught In The Act

From time to time we all get caught red-handed doing something that we shouldn't be doing or lying about something we shouldn't be lying about!

So, from cats who tried to lie about what happened to their whiskers to individuals who tried to lie about being flamingos, here are 18+ people who got caught in the act.

"When you love the smell of bacon but get a little too close to the frying pan on the stove..."

This is a lesson for all cats: if you fly too close to the bacon pan then your whiskers will melt and you will crash back down to Earth.

"This guy trying to use McDonald's drive-thru..."

Not being able to eat indoors during lockdown really pushed some McDonald's fanatics right to the edge of their sanity.

"This bugger crawled in my shorts and stung my balls. Hands down the most painful experience of my life."

Good Lord I cannot emphasise how glad I am that this didn't happen to me. This is the stuff of nightmares!

"Mega Paw, smasher of bees. The bee won this round."

Christ that is one hell of a swollen paw! I guess that the cat actually won though seeing as how the bee presumably died after stinging it!

"My kid torturing our robot mop is how the robot revolution starts."

I feel like this is a part of a flashback in the next Terminator instalment...when they inevitably try to reboot that franchise again.

"Vicious landlord evicts tenants who don't pay their rent."

And I thought that human landlords could be unreasonable at times, I cannot imagine how unreasonable a cat landlord would be.

"That Smile..."

There is absolutely no way that Barney is sober here. I always knew that he had a dark secret.

"Well that's something new..."

Not even fried eggs and bacon can live up to the unrealistic beauty standards on Instagram these days!

"Neighbor's kid decided to decorate my car with a rock to make it look 'cute.'"

Fortunately, they did manage to get this buffed out and patched things up with a very apologetic five-year-old.

"There was an attempt to face-swap..."

This guy has made himself look like a right knucklehead! It is actually oddly terrifying as well, kind of like a really low-budget Doctor Who villain from the '80s.

"After trying to catch him in the act for months, we finally got this asshole on film turning the lights off."

I feel a spiritual connection with this cat, I am always trying to get people to turn off lights when they leave a room as well!

"Mom has had enough of my little brother."

"Jokes on you mom, I don't brush my teeth!"

" what?"

"This duck thinks he's a flamingo. When in Rome..."

He's doing a pretty damn good job of blending in if you ask me, all he needs to do now is put himself on a hot wash with some red underpants.

"He peed on the floor and tried to clean it up himself..."

Damn it, he has tried his best! What a good little guy, I know some humans who aren't this considerate!

"Trying to enforce the ice bucket rule..."

The person who posted this went on to clarify that "And I really did bring that tape from home," which is real commitment to the bit!

"This is Oka. Poor girl broke her favorite sitting basket."

I hate it when you get too big for a bed and your feet stick out the end, it's a truly sad day!

"A true friend."

"So, you can afford a Porsche but you won't pay for delivery?"

"Just shut up Dave and hold the damn box."

"Got some dreadlocks in my coke at the ballgame."

And those ballgame drinks aren't cheap! I hope that this person likes the added flavor of dread!

"Dairy Queen near me has this on their sign..."

Actually, I guess that she didn't actually get caught in the act as she got caught not in the act of working.

"Found on bumble..."

I think that this might just be satire...otherwise this woman really needs to get her eyes tested.