30 Hilarious Parents Who Are Doing Something Right

Parenting is an arduous, thankless task that essentially demands 24/7, on-call service for years on end.

There are a few silver linings, and one of them is seeing how your handiwork as a parent has manifested itself in your kids' actions. Heck, sometimes you can see ways that your kids have influenced you.

"This note from my brother to my parents in 1995."

Reddit | A2326P

I think a lot of people will empathize with this: the angry, serious-but-not-actually-serious note they left for their parents when they decided to "run away."

"My kid torturing our robot mop is how the robot revolution starts."

Reddit | bowb4zod

We teach kids to explore the world around them. Should we teach them not to torture robots? It's an interesting moral conundrum.

"Stepped out of the kitchen for a moment and my daughter tried to help season the potatoes."

Reddit | aIextkd

This is one of those situations where the kid meant well, even if their execution is hilariously flawed.

"My kid's been bugging me for a VR rig. Shes 10. I gave her this 95 Virtual boy and told her we had VR at home."

Reddit | Myklindle

She needs to learn the pain of playing video games that attach themselves to the player's face and are rendered solely in shades of red.

"My daughter has been reading the Harry Potter books over the summer."

Reddit | nowherebus

This is either an awesomely to-the-point Christmas list, or the title of the next Harry Potter book. Either way, I'm here for it.

"Went to fill up the gas tank and noticed my son has been 'feeding' the lawn mower."

Reddit | trillclick

Why did a kid think that one (1) Cheerio would help the lawnmower? I have no idea, but I do know that that Cheerio is never coming out.

"Carry-on my wayward son."

Reddit | thejppass

When traveling, it's crucial to make sure your kids fit within the carry-on allowance. Otherwise, you'll have to check them.

"My three-year-old son found my hair clippers."

Reddit | speculatrix

This kid just gave himself, and his parents, a preview of what he'll look like a few decades from now.

"My son asked to take of photo with Chuck E. He didn’t want his friend."

Reddit | DjL3wis

I appreciate how the Chuck E. Cheese mascot went along with the kid who didn't want his friend in the picture.

"My son, the thief."

Reddit | swansonsmeat

It's not often that you see photographic evidence of a high-stakes heist in action. That kid deserves the pizza.

"Kids get 'pulled over' and cop found dad's beer can in back."

Dad kind of messed up here. Let this be a lesson to all of us: don't put your beer in your kid's motorized vehicle.

"Going through my old photos and found one of my daughter plotting something."

It has to present a serious conundrum when a parent realizes their kid is pure evil...and at such a young age to boot.

"My friend's nine-year old daughter is wise beyond her years."

Reddit | qbedo

This might be a tad pessimistic, but I sure don't detect any lies here. Give this kid a gold star.

"My daughter made me this bracelet today."

Reddit | Archaic_Hero

She could have gone with "World's greatest dad" or something generic like that, but instead decided that honesty is the best policy.

"My middle-aged parents and their pettiness."

Shots were fired in the first note, and those shots were returned, with a little extra for good measure, all on the same notepad.

"Look at my daughter’s face 🤣."

Reddit | hameneggenchz

Everyone knows that kids can be little monsters. Here's proof. I'm sure this kid is cute enough, but right here she looks like an ogre.

"My daughter asked her dad to be launched into my photo where she struck this pose. Now she is convinced she is a real superhero."

Reddit | Big-Custard2645

This is pure fun: daughter gets the thrill of being a superhero, while dad gets the cathartic enjoyment of throwing a small child into a lake.

"Words to live by as a parent."

Reddit | wendalltwolf

I'd like to think that these parents just ask their kids what's on the license plate any time they ask to go to the washroom.

"I asked my buddy how his road trip was going. He sent me this."

I think we can all fill in the blanks on that, can't we? Obviously it's going swimmingly and the family is making a lot of memories together and learning valuable lessons they'll never forget.

"My parents took advantage of the graduation sign trend to [expletive] on me for dropping out."

Boy, Owen's parents sure went all out for their boy's big moment. I love the nice touch of the smaller, "Honk to wake our sleeping dropout Owen" sign as well — it really just adds a certain insult to the injury, don't you think?


Hey, sometimes a dad has to do what a dad has to do if he wants to keep child hands away from his beard and glasses, and maybe get some naptime of his own. And it's the dog's turn to do some child-minding, I'm sure.

"My daughter lost a tooth. My spouse and I said it was worth a dollar. Our daughter sent us this screenshot."

That child already has a head start on a career as a lawyer or a hostage negotiator. Maybe a sports agent, too. Now, do the parents call her bluff and rip back the curtain to reveal the Tooth Fairy's real identity to possibly get out of ponying up the dough?

"My 4 year old brought me a rubber band and asked me to do this to him."

Either this kid is going to be the next Jim Carrey, or the next Gollum. Either way, he definitely got what he asked for. Time to stow this pic away to pull out again when meeting his first romantic partner!

"The chances of being killed by a baby are low, but not zero."

Reddit | pumpingas

As parents, you want to believe that your kids are on your side. But sometimes, they're plotting against you from their earliest days.

"I should have never taught my kids how to use the heat sealer."

Shots fired! Did you show them how to use the heat sealer by packaging up their iPads or something? Because this is either the start of a prank war, or revenge.

"My Parents Sent Me This From Their Retirement Community Today."

You've got to love it when even aging parents are still setting a good, wholesome example. You've got to have fun in life!

"Kids won't go outside so took the wifi for a walk."

Desperate times call for desperate measures, but if kids will follow anything like the Pied Piper in the 21st century, it's the wifi.

"My parents are retiring and want to travel full time. My brother sent them this suitcase for Christmas."

Well, it looks like they've raised at least one healthy, well adjusted child. We'll let you decide which one is which, but you have to admit, that suitcase won't get confused for anybody else's at the baggage carousel.

"I randomly hide tiny ducks around my parent's house. My dad has found them and started an army."

Just a few more ducks and this dad will be able to command the strongest army of tiny ducks you've ever seen.

"My kids went all-out for Senior Citizens day at school."

That's the spirit! Always giving 110%, never taking half measures! I mean, the old man haircut on the kid is dedication to the role.

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