Parents Breathe Sigh Of Relief After Tree Barely Avoids Falling On Baby's Crib

For the most part, you're not likely to find a new parent who would say that they love it when their babies cry.

At best, they might think it's a useful indicator that they need to do something but it's a sound that definitely serves as the soundtrack to parental stress, particularly when it happens during the night.

However, there's on exception to this rule that can make a baby's cries almost seem like the most beautiful sound in the world. For my dad, this was when we were in a serious car accident that he wasn't sure I had survived until I wailed.

And for one Louisiana couple, that sound was their beacon of hope when their infant son ended up in a similarly life-threatening situation.

On the night of July 2, Courtney and Kale Buchholtz had just put their five-month-old son Cannon to bed when they heard a loud bang.

As Good Morning America reported, they initially thought this was lightning, but realized something else was going on when they checked their baby monitor and saw debris fly into Cannon's room.

And when they rushed to the room, they discovered that an oak tree had fallen through the roof and destroyed most of their house.

And since most of that tree had fallen into the hallway outside of Cannon's room, the Buchholtzes feared the worst.

As Courtney told Good Morning America, "When I saw the tree I almost couldn’t even comprehend what was happening, that there was a tree in our house. And the thought of it being on top of Cannon, I felt physically ill."

But while the tree itself hadn't hit his crib, the same couldn't be said for the wooden boards and other debris that had been in the ceiling.

However, they at least had a sign that he had survived when they heard Cannon cry.

And when they freed the baby from the rubble, they discovered that he didn't have a scratch on him.

As Kale said, "I just turned him over and checked him really well to make sure there was nothing wrong with him. He had been crying, but as soon as I got him in my hands, he was laughing as I was turning him."

In the end, Cannon only needed a bath to clean off the insulation and other debris that fell from the ceiling.

And when Courtney reviewed her footage from the baby monitor, she said, "It was just kind of like a little bubble around him."

And she said that Cannon's miraculous escape from harm made her think of her late son Kasen, who had passed away in 2016 a month after he was born prematurely.

In her words, "We always say that he’s watching over his little brother, so my immediate thought was that Kasen was protecting his brother and keeping him safe."

h/t: Good Morning America

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