20 People Whose Misfortunes Came With A Story

No one is completely safe from moments of misfortune in this world. However, some people experience much more convoluted and specifically arduous moments of misfortune than others.

So, from people who ended up with chandeliers in the worst possible places to individuals who were victims of truly bizarre thefts, here are 20 people whose misfortunes came with a story.

"Does insurance even cover this?"

The bit that really got me is that the door's windows are still standing upright, and I'm not sure why!

"My sister-in-law's flip-flops say 'Seize The Day.'"

I hate wearing flip flops, but even worse than that would be wearing flip flops that read "STD."

"Spent $35 on a big bag of dog food, and my dog doesn't like the little dark pieces so he throws them on the floor. All over the house."

Judging from his expression, he appears to be saying, "Feed me the little dark pieces again Brenda, and we will have serious words."

"Someone clipped/stole our lilies overnight, they had their first bloom a day or two before."

Is the lily market really that bad that people are resorting to stealing other people's lilies?

"Finn brought a LIVE mouse into my mom's office and released it. Hours later and we still can't catch it."

Maybe Finn was just testing your hunting abilities. If that is the case, then you have failed spectacularly!

Missed One All-Important Step...

The person who posted this wrote, "Our LT forgot to disengage the brakes for the water buffalo. Drove at least 10 miles with them engaged, not realizing the tire was on fire and the rim was being decimated."

"Wasps built their nest next to my wasp killer

It is one hell of a bold strategy on behalf of the wasps. Reach for that spray can with extreme caution.

That's Gonna Take A While To Clean Up...

"After weeks of fretting, we decided a dolly was the best way to move the pennies my dad has collected since 1989 in an antique glass water jug. We were wrong," explained the person who posted this.

"I'm new to gardening. Who's hungry?"

Looks like they did a super job, just make sure that you don't eat it all at once! Although, I know how tempting it will be!

"Left my yard boots outside for one week and a bird made a home in one. I just can't bring myself to undo all that work."

First of all they're in our mops and now they're in our work boots! Soon enough I'll be able to use the bird's nest excuse regardless of the context.

"No, this is not the result of saving children from a burning orphanage. This was the worst sunburn of my life."

Okay, that decides it, this guy gets the award for the most painful-looking sunburn of all time.

"My dogs decided to eat a pen today..."

They look so incredibly guilty. I wonder how this person knew what they had done?

"My freezer broke 2 days ago and I didn't notice so now all of the meat we had in it is bad."

This is hard to look at, although I am also very curious as to why they had enough meat in their freezer to feed an entire army!

"Kid was excited to get a window seat..."

You've got to make sure that kids learn from a young age that life is a cavalcade of disappointment!

"I just got new tires..."

Fortunately, the person who posted this said that no one was injured and by way of explanation, wrote, "My son zigged when he should have zagged. And we have large ditches in Ohio."

"My hand after working dish pit."

My God, this guy really needs to get some gloves for doing the washing up in future!

"The chandelier adds luxury and compliments the fake orchids."

Did they just happen to have a spare chandelier lying around that they didn't want to see going to waste?

"Bird made its nest in my mop."

I love finding any excuse not to have to do chores, and finding a bird's nest in your mop would be the perfect excuse!

"8-year-old remembered to take the foil flavor packet out! She forgot to add water…"

Mmmm, they look nice and crispy! Who doesn't love a good bowl of burnt-flavoured noodle sticks?!

"A 10 minute walk in 91 degrees only to see someone locked up two of the nets. What's the point of this?"

I guess that it is time for this person to learn how to pick locks. Seriously though, who does this and why?