14+ Misfortunes That'll Probably Cost A Fortune

A bout of bad luck isn't fun for anyone. A string of mistakes that build and beat you down until you're just kind of sitting there wondering what to do.

In those times, it might be worth remembering that whatever's going on, at least it isn't running up your bank account like the expensive misfortunes featured on this list.

"Right after finishing our fence, someone plowed through it going 80mph."

They were helping you test how strong it was! Not very. You should reinforce it.

"A Storage facility containing supercars burnt to a crisp."

Of course it couldn't be a storage facility with beaters and rusted bodies, it had to be the supercar closet.

"Main water valve was not shut off for the winter in a cabin."

"If you don't mind taking your shoes off at the front door, that'd be great. You can't strap your skates on if you're still wearing shoes!"

"My floor tiles just inflated and cracked due to cold weather coupled with the dryer releasing heat."

Only a little concerning. Only increases the desire to take your laundry and get the hell out of there by a bit.

"My dog chewed up my Apple Pencil a month after my 2-year apple care coverage ended."

Sometimes those warranties feel like magic spells that prevent anything bad from happening. Once they're up, it all goes to hell.

"Told a stranger at my work we'd call the police [because] he kept acting suspicious around others cars. He then decided to throw a rock through my windshield."

He went from acting suspicious to acting downright malicious. Better a window than the body, though.

"What's the saying? 'No reason to cry over spilled primer'?"

Not exactly, but that might be the advice you want to take right now anyway.

"That time my son dropped his Kindle Fire on the way out of the doctor’s office."

So many times I had nightmare thoughts about this exact scenario, I never stopped to consider those it actually happened to.

"My neighbor is doing some laundry..."

Did your parents never teach you the absolute importance of checking your pockets before doing laundry?

"Wallet meets lawnmower."

Hmm, maybe we need to start checking our pockets before mowing the lawn, too.

"Left my house for 45 minutes. Came home to a bunch of trash and concrete in my driveway."

They really couldn't be bothered to take all that to a dump? They figured some random driveway would be good enough?

"Heard a big bang out of nowhere. Ran down the stairs to find the kitchen like this."

Based on this angle, it looks like only a few bottles broke, which is pretty lucky all things considered.

"Always remember to chock!"

I don't think I will ever be in a situation where I'll need to chock, but if I am, I certainly won't forget to now!

"Received: 3/13/21. Washed and dried: 3/17/21. Fastest $205 I've ever lost."

Alright everyone, the current record is four days. Let's see if anyone can do it faster.

"My beautiful children (2/4) drew me a picture.... on my car.... with rocks."

Wow...your kids sure are lovely artists. This could be worth a lot down the line, you never know.

"My grandma got her mower stuck and called me to help get it out but when I got there it was on fire and she never realized it until I went inside and told her that it was on fire."

I wish to live in such a blissfully unaware state that I, too, could not tell there was a fire raging in my front yard.

"County is doing some road work and someone in charge figured parking the excavator on my front lawn would be just fine."

Parked on your property, that's your excavator now. That's the law, I'm pretty sure of it.

"[He] just wanted to make a copy."

He made a copy of his footprints, if that counts for anything.

"I do not know how the idiots where I work did this, nor do I want to know."

You might not want to know, but I sure do. Who has the story?

"Car got dropped while being serviced... that’s not going to be cheap."

Yeah, for the company that dropped it. Though the owner will have to pay quite the emotional toll.

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