14+ Unexpected Moments We Accidently Caught On Camera

Sometimes it can be a little unsettling, the notion that everyone has a camera on their person at all times nowadays. However, it can also allow people to capture some hilariously unique moments.

So, to show off a few of these moments, here are 14+ unexpected moments we accidentally caught on camera.

"The Moth!"

Wow, that baby has the cold, dead-eyed stare of a psychopath, I'd keep a close eye on that kid as they grow up!

"Must be a Church of Ladder Day Saints."

I mean, the guy at the top of those ladders will be able to meet God soon enough and then he can just ask God to fix the roof I guess.

"The meeting between my nephew and a bison, besties."

"Excuse me, sir, can you please stop crying and give me the carrot?"

*Childish wailing...

"This is so unprofessional."

"When high fives go bad..."

I didn't realize that contestants were allowed to slap one another in marathon running now, this should really make it more interesting at the Olympics.

"Fighting cats look like they're dancing!"

Sometimes you just have to dance when the meow-sic takes over you...

Wow, I'm ashamed of that one, all I can say is...sorry.

"Walmart bike purchase..."

Every time I look at this I can't help but hear a record scratch and imagine a TV voiceover saying, "I bet you're wondering how I got into this mess!?"


If you're not always on the lookout for seagulls when eating an ice cream then you can only expect this kind of thing to happen. You need to be vigilant!

"My Keys!"

From this picture it looks like this kid is trying to pull his keys back down into his hands with the power of his mind. Good luck with that!

Not The Best Situation To Be In...

"Hey...hey, photographer! Is there something behind me?"

"No, not at all, you're fine."

"Oh, really? Phew, thank goodness."


That bride is about to be absolutely furious. Dear Christ, you can already feel the tension that's about to be in that room!

"My poor cousin slipping off the chair."

Look, at least she appears to be still happy about having fallen off the chair! Well, she does at this point anyway!

"Doe! It's deer huntin' season at the nursing home!"

I also love that they managed to find a place for Father Christmas in this nursing home, check him out in the top left!

"Photographer fell down while taking a wedding picture, here's the picture he ended up taking."

I love that you can see these people's differing reactions to someone falling over, from those already expressing concern to those who are already starting to laugh!

"Friend sent me this lovely picture of her son!"

That is great falling technique that this kid has developed, star-fishing is the best way to make sure that you can get a great photo out of a well as massively injuring yourself.

"Helping your boy up to catch the ball."

"Hey, Dave, you wanna play a game of tennis?"

"Ah, I haven't got any tennis rackets, and I've only got a soccer ball for that matter."

"No matter, aren't you watching the kid today?"

"I proposed to my GF this weekend and proceeded to drop the ring down a gopher hole!"

Well, now I can't help but to imagine a gopher popping up out of the hole wearing the ring and screaming, "Yes! A thousand times yes!"

"Taking a closer look!"

Sometimes it is crucial in diving to get a really good close-up look at the diving board. I mean, I'm assuming that it is, I've never had a proper diving lesson before.

"Went to take a picture of the rainbow and lightning struck at the exact same time."

This is why it is so hard to take a picture with Jesus, he's such a bloody show off.

"In a rush to get to the playground, he might have forgotten about the ice."

Slow and steady wins the race, but quick and slip wins the head injury.

"The Catastrophe of the Paella."

I love how unbothered the man on the left is. You just know the next words out of his mouth were, "I told you so."

"Caught my brother falling skim boarding while taking a picture of my wife and daughter (zoomed)."

Over your lifetime you'll have tons of pictures of your wife and kid, but only one picture of your brother falling while skim boarding. Probably, anyway.

"During a long plane ride you get thirsty."

You also get kind of sweaty. Quench that thirst and clean that skin all in one go!

"The Fountain."

In awe at the attempted foot rescue. He thought he could hook his friend like a fish.

"I asked my boyfriend to get a cute picture of me by the ocean at Brimketill, Iceland."

All things considered, still a pretty cute pic.

"Grandfather and 3 brothers, circa 1940."

It's good to know the art of the perfectly timed fall picture has been practiced for decades.

"[My friend's] dog got a scare from a crab on the beach and hit the eject button!"

Hey, crabs are scary! They have a giant hand just for pinching, that's terrifying!

"The feeder of duck."

That's not a lot of seed for all those ducks, I hope he brought enough to share!

"Caught a lady through the train gap while taking a selfie."

This is either an amazing lucky shot, or that man caught a ghost.

"A photo of myself taken many years ago, the girl next to me had pushed me off."

At least you have photographic evidence of her betrayal and treachery.

"There’s always that one..."

The two birds next to him look like they're saying, "Really, Jerry, you're doing this right now?"

"The one that got away."

His lips are already pursed in acceptance. He tries to catch it but knows it is futile. She is meant for the creek.

"Me, loosing a race down a sand dune to my brother."

The shoes even fell off, that's a true wipeout.

"Someone flicked their cigarette while I was taking a picture of my friends last summer."

Sure, this is an incredible picture, but I'm just baffled at what kind of asshat would flick a cigarette randomly in a crowd of people.

"Neighbors pupper caught in the escape."

It may have been an escape attempt, but he has perfect form, bravo.

"Received an email from the rental company to 'not be alarmed' if we hear workers on the roof this morning. I'm alarmed."

Very rare that you get the chance to see the moon so high in the sky this early in the day!