20 Times Life Raised The Difficulty Level

Life can be hard enough as it is. However, there are a worrying amount of times that life can find ways to ratchet up the difficulty level just a trifle.

So, from people who had to contend with needlessly complex ATMS to individuals who had to make some very tricky omelettes, here are 20 times life raised the difficulty level.

"The entrance to our apartment in Berlin..."

The first thing that you need to do if you live here is get yourself a bloody massive keyring!

"The new school in my community has a wheel chair access button for the door, but no way for a person in a wheel chair to reach it."

Just what goes through a person's head for them to not realise what the problem is here after installing that step?

"Just following instructions."

I dread to think how many times this person has crashed before if they take directions this literally!

Good To Know!

They also love throwing shade. Beware, they can be truly brutal, these elephants, when they want to be.

"You either wet your shoes or do some exercise to cross this bridge."

This seems like something that the locals have simply taken in their stride! Good to work out your core on your morning commute...if this sort of thing helps your core, that is.

"How big the gaps are in this stall."

"Someone is in here."

"I know, I can see you."


Leave Him To It!

"So, have you identified the problem?"

*Furious snapping and hissing sounds...

"For the last time, my hand is not the issue, stop trying to remove it!"

"Our Municipality made bike lanes for us finally!"

Well, they made them, but they really don't want you to be using them that's for sure!

"I think I may avoid the yard."

You would think that they would put a slightly bigger warning sign up for something this serious!

"Sink attached to the toilet, forming a perfect slide."

One person who is incapable of not finding the silver lining in a situation added, "You lost a toothbrush. But you gained a toilet brush!"

"Guess no omelette for breakfast today."

Well, you could still make one, it might just have a fair bit of gravel in it! It'll just be a bit of extra protein!

"Wildfire Danger Sign from a trip to Lava Beds National Monument last fall."

"How likely are we to get caught in a fire?"

"I can't tell, there's too much fire damage to the fire danger detector!"

"This mailbox in the way of the sidewalk."

I'm sure that the local kids won't be breaking this mailbox anymore, but the HOA might instead!

"I'm going to need a loan to pay the late fees for this tape I found in my basement."

Maybe the fees that this person has to pay on this VHS of Along Came Polly could bring Blockbuster back into business!

"My coworker parked in the wrong lot near the building."

I suppose that the person who left this note could have had them towed instead, which would have been much worse!

"How do I withdraw my money now?"

With great difficulty! I hope that you're a whizz with your keyboard commands!

"A notice at my local paint store."

"Sir, did you forge your wife's signature?"


"I don't believe you."

"Oh for God's sake, just let me have one tin of paint, just the one is all I need! Come on man, I'm dying out here!"

"This shirt that looks like it's covered in coffee stains."

I suppose that if you wear this shirt you'd be able to actually spill coffee all over yourself and no one would know!

"Useless minimalism, stop that."

Not only would it take much longer to identify what each card was, but they don't even look that good.

"A very crappy slide design!"

The idea of going down this slide incorrectly is making me wince. How many people do you think this has reduced to tears?

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