29 People Who Made Weird Mistakes

Some people can manage to make mistakes in the strangest ways, and while it might be annoying to them in the moment it can also spice the world up a little for the rest of us.

So, from people whose cats ran through things that they really shouldn't have run through to individuals who tried to smuggle bizarre things under their toupee, here are 29 people who made weird mistakes.

"Yeah, whatever he said..."

It took me a long time, but I think it's meant to say both "live your life" and "I am who I am"?

"A handrail was installed outside my building, making my mailbox unusable."

It is good that the little flag is still useable though! That's the most important part of a mailbox after all!

Unfortunate Spelling Mistake...

Maybe they should have supported their own education and teachers a little more when they were kids.

"And you may ask yourself, 'Well... how did I get here?'"

Letting the days go by, letting the drainpipe hold me down! Fortunately, they did manage to get this little fella out unharmed.

"Something went wrong when he tried to fix the washing machine. His roommates had to call the fire department to free him."

"Just give us a shout if we're sawing too close to your head. Sir...? Sir, can you hear me? Oh dear."

"The logo of 'walkstool' looks like walking testicles."

You would never think that inadvertently creating a "walking testicle" logo would be a problem that a business would face, and yet here we are.

"This shop put the security tag RIGHT THROUGH the cards..."

No one is likely to steal them any more. Although, no one is likely to buy them either.

"Went in our supply closet. Looks like we forgot to give these out."

This one speaks for itself really. I'd be a little alarmed if I was the person who was in charge of this task as well.

"We told the new guy to catch the sparks because we can recycle them..."

It is nice that they are trying to employ more green practices on this construction site if nothing else!

"This guy tried to smuggle a kilo of cocaine under his toupee:"

"I'm just going for a beehive-esque look with my toupee!"

"Sir, we can see your 'dandruff' leaking out."

"Got my cat's ashes back today. His name was Aslan..."

The thought is there though, and that's what counts? I'm sure that they can get a new one printed as well, they'd have to be pretty cruel not to send out another one!

"Brand new roll of wrapping paper wasn't quite big enough to cover the box, too late to go out and get more, hopefully he won't see it?"

If in doubt, just write a note to cover the open space! It's a good job they weren't wrapping a dress though as that message would kind of ruin the dress.

"It took me 2 hours to get together my father's 450 calendars collection all together, and my cat decided to lay on top of them..."

They really should have seen this coming. Nothing is more comfortable to a cat than a bed that is a massive inconvenience!

"Tornado-driven murder-branch impales my house directly above my kid's bed."

Well, I mean, you shouldn't be living in a place with so many "Tornado-driven murder-branches"! In all seriousness though, that is genuinely terrifying.

"There's groceries on the ground already, grandpa's spaghetti."

That's a damn shame, such a waste of perfectly good spaghetti! I don't even think they've noticed yet, it's like a modern-day Shakespearian tragedy.

"That moment when you get home, open the bag, and realise you're a dumbass..."

I am also wondering what is so special about these paper clips that makes them "non-skid paper clips"?!

"My cat running across the almost dry canvas."

Good job you caught her before she ran all over the damn house like this...well, I hope you caught her before this happened!

Ratatouille 2 Has Started Filming!

I bet that mouse regrets its decision to sleep on this car's roof now! He must be holding on for dear life!

"There was an attempt to spell 'Infantry'..."

At least the owner of this lighter will always know that this one is theirs, even if they meet someone with the same message engraved.

"They tried their best to be inclusive!"

They really tried to show they were willing to help accessibility with this, but by God they missed the mark by a long way!

"Is this safe to eat?"

I mean, it would be one hell of a gamble if you just stuck your fork in there and tried a mouthful!


Maybe they were trying to make it sound like someone was talking in a specific accent when they read it aloud?

"To stop people from f bombing."

It doesn't seem like this message is really getting through to anyone, I wonder why?

"My keys decided I'm not going anywhere today."

If you're just as confused as to how they got themselves into this mess as I am, they explained: "Ran inside and left the keys in the door since I was heading out only to discover I couldn't open the door. I don't think I could make this happen again if I tried!"

"My friend spotted Kelsey Grammer in a bar and tried to sneak a pic, but totally got caught."

This is incidentally better than any picture they could possibly have gotten in this situation!

That's One Hell Of A Mistake!

"Don't forget about the bikes!"

"What bikes? Oh...those bikes."

"Taking a-hole to the next level."

One person who was particularly triggered by this angrily wrote, "Looks like how my gf sleeps in bed."

That's Not A Great Way To Teach Shapes!

How on Earth they could possible mix up a rhino with a pentagon is beyond me!

"Finally proved to my wife that she's a chaotic sleeper."

Someone in a similar situation added, "Man if this is being a chaotic sleeper , I don't know what to call mine. I can't keep a fitted sheet in place for more than three days."