13 Times People Creatively Saved Old Things From Getting Tossed Out

If I had all the money in the world, I would shop all the time, ha, ha! But that's not about to happen anytime soon, I suppose. So, for now, I'm going to just do with what I've got.

And it's really cool to see people take that concept to heart. Check out these talented folks who made something out of old things or things that have seen better days.

1. This 'Starry Night' Upcycled Bag

If you can turn a plain, old bag into a 'Starry Night' kaleidoscope, you're a bit of a genius, no? Now, this bag looks like it's a designer one. I would totally wear this to go out.

2. This Door Fence

This guy needed a new fence, so he decided to get creative. Instead of getting just a typical wooden fence, he used random doors to make a unique one. I can honestly say I've never seen that before. What a neat idea, huh?

3. These Garden Boxes

Speaking of fences, if you do have an old one, don't throw it away. You see, this person used the wood from the fence to build these amazing raised beds for gardening. OMG, I want them!

4. This Patchwork Dress

If you're a crafty person, something like this might appeal to you. This creative lady made a patchwork dress out of old jeans. She actually used a total of six pairs of jeans and 120 patches.

5. These Funky Mugs

Who knew that you could turn plain white Ikea mugs into something spectacular? The lady who did this used alcohol inks to turn these mugs into works of art. I think she should open an Etsy store, no?

6. This Charm Bracelet

If you've ever lost an earring or two, you'll appreciate this idea here. This person used earrings that lost their mates and turned them into a charm bracelet. Oh wow, what a neat concept! I love it.

7. This Ikea Backpack

I don't know if you've realized just how sturdy the blue Ikea bags are. So much so that you can make a backpack out of them that will pretty much last you forever. It isn't a bad idea at all.

8. This TV Stand

If you're creative enough, you can turn any old item into something polished and new. Case in point here: this person transformed an old credenza into a beautiful modern TV stand. I have to admit I'm pretty impressed.

9. This Bike Chain Sculpture

Oh my goodness, what am I looking at here? If you can believe it, this talented person used old bike chains to make a sculpture. Doesn't this look like an absolute work of art?

10. This Awesome Wardrobe

What can you do with an old jacket you no longer wear? Turn it into something a lot more fashionable, of course, hee-hee. This person made shorts, a bucket hat, and a bag from this one jacket.

11. These Baskets

What can you do with plastic shipping/bale straps? Well, if you're this lady, you can make fabulous bags. She gets the straps from hardware store waste and creates magic with them. OMG, I want one of these baskets.

12. This Awesome Lego Stand

Most people would just get rid of an old microwave cart but not this guy. He actually transformed it into a rolling Lego stand for his daughters for Christmas. Wow, that's so amazing. Isn't it?

13. These School Benches

This employee at a school in Morocco couldn't bear to see all the old benches go to the junk yard. So, he decided to do something about it. They got fixed and painted, and now they have a new lease on life.

See, I told you, these upcycling projects were pretty impressive.

I don't know how these folks did it, but I love all of them. So, let me ask you a question: have you ever upcycled something and made it new again?