Unsplash | Markus Gjengaar

People Are Upcycling Pianos To Make Unique Furniture

Pianos are absolutely stunning works of craftsmanship, but the acoustic ones can cost a lot to maintain. Sometimes, short of replacing all of the strings (taking a big bite out of your wallet) people have found themselves kicking the instruments to the curb.

With so many people buying electric over acoustic, a lot of old pianos are going unused. Instead of throwing them away, a few crafty DIYers have decided to upcycle their antiques into unique furniture.

Piano Sewing Table

Take for instance this quaint sewing table. Removing the keys from the old piano, the wood was painted over and a solid work surface was added. What a perfect place to store all your sewing odds and ends!

Piano Breakfast Bar

If sewing's not your thing but coffee definitely is, this DIYer upcycled their old piano into a pastel espresso bar. Removing all the musical machinery (including the front cover over the strings), the piano provides ample space for shelving, cups, and coffee makers galore.

Piano Wet Bar

For those who like their coffee a bit wilder, many people have also transformed the beautiful instruments into unique wet bars. Installing a clear glass countertop overtop of the old keys, the beauty of the instrument is maintained while still providing a spill-resistant surface to pour out cocktails.

Piano Bookshelf

In a stunning ode to the old instrument, the piano is turned on its head and stuck to the wall. Removing the strings, stand, and base, the keys are salvaged and remain as decor, while wooden shelves span the width of the interior.

Decorated with old books, decor, and set off by a vibrant teal wall, the shelving feature looks entirely one of a kind.

Backlit Piano Bookshelf

In another shelving upcycle, this DIYer turns the piano sideways and salvages both strings and keys. Installing warm under-shelf lighting behind all the decor, this modern piano shelf is a fantastic DIY to behold.

What do you think of these piano upcycles? A part of me cringes seeing a piano taken apart like this, but I can't deny how beautiful it is. Let's just hope they were all old and unworking piano!