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Woman's Upcycle Proves Swing Sets Aren't Just For Kids Anymore

Do you remember how joyful and free being on a swing made you feel as a kid? Wind in your hair and your feet dangling, it always felt like gravity had no sway over you; a strange kind of triumphant freedom.

But why should those memories only live in the past? Adult swing sets are popping up all over the place, but sometimes they can be quite costly. So why not try making a DIY version?

Heather Pawelski decided to upcycle an old children's swing set frame.

Heather Pawelski | Facebook

Having access to an old children's swing set, Heather Pawelski decided it would be the perfect thing to hang her two hammock swings from. Removing the old swings and trimming down the poles, she repurposed the set to fit her cozy hanging chairs.

She added hammock chairs, lights, and cushions.

Heather Pawelski | Facebook

Adding some cute patio decore and wrapping lights around the poles, her new swing set was transformed into a complete relaxation station. Finding her chairs and cushions at Aldi, the whole design came together perfectly, and has become quite the backyard hotspot.

Her DIY inspired another to give it a shot.

Inspired by the design, Valerie Jordan also tried making an "adult swing set". Using the same two chairs as Pawelski, she transformed her backyard poolside into a relaxing place to close her eyes, sip some wine, and listen to Louis Armstrong's dulcet tones.

Using the same chairs, Laposi built her frame from scratch.

Grabbing onto her own set of hanging hammock swings, Kendra Laposi found the same chairs from TJ Maxx home goods. Opting for a natural wood look, she made her swingset from scratch, another great alternative if you don't have access to an old frame!

Would you try making your own?

mrs.jennastein | Instagram

What do you think, would you love to have your own backyard swing set? How perfect would it be for summer nights spent outside on the patio? Some music, friends, a glass of wine in your hand; sounds pretty ideal to me. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!