16 Creative Brides Who Took The Risk And Made Their Own Wedding Dresses

What's a bride to do when she can't find the perfect dress?

She makes it, of course.

These brides took matters (and lace) into their own hands to create gorgeous, one-of-a-kind gowns for their special days. Prepare to be wowed by a ton of talent. And spoiler alert: they're not all white dresses!

This bride went above and beyond for her wedding.

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Not only did she make her own stunning lavender dress, she made everything the bridal party is wearing! It took six months to make everything, including the corsets!

This dress is a flapper girl's dream.

Look at that art deco overlay!

"I poured my heart and soul into this. There may have been a few moments I cried because I couldn’t believe how beautiful it turned out," the bride said.

It's hard to believe this dress was self-made!

"I made my dress because I'm picky and knew what I wanted. I don't know if I'd recommend someone else do it though because my god, it was so stressful. I seriously finished two days before the wedding. That lace gave me nightmares for weeks!"

This crocheted dress is a showstopper.

It took about three months to make, and it looks like it was a total labor of love. I love that she paired the dress with some super low-key accessories to really let it stand out!

The embroidery for this dress tells a story.

"I was inspired in part by the embroiderer who works for Game of Thrones, who uses embroidery in her costumes to tell a story. The poinsettias are meant to represent my Mexican heritage, and the Turkish tulips at the bottom represent my husband's [...]"

This clean gown took a ton of work.

As one impressed commenter said: "The 'simple' styles are the hardest, there is nowhere to hide mistakes."

That's what makes this dress so incredible, and so perfectly designed.

This crocheted dress was finished a mere five days before the wedding.

It took about a year for this dress to finally come to fruition, but, boy, were the results worth it. This mermaid fantasy of a dress is stunning!

This wedding dress isn't her original dress — it's her anniversary dress!

"We got married October last year and I HATED my [original] dress :-( I paid lots of money to get a custom-made designer gown made, and while it was a beautifully made gown, it just didn't suit my body shape and I kept having to lift the dress up the entire day, it was not practical at all."

This dress wound up having a fascinating story.

"I'm such a slacker that I got divorced before I shared my hand-drafted and sewn wedding dress," Redditor thecostumedlife shared.

All's well that ends well, however: she says she'll happily make another dress when she gets married again! LOVE that attitude. Queen.

This dress was actually remade from a store bought dress.

"Made a friend's wedding dress by taking apart and using the base for one she ordered online and hated the lace it came with."

Remaking a dress is no easy task, but it turned out beautifully.

Reddit helped her make her gown!

Thanks to all the helpful tips on r/sewing, this bride was able to make her own gorgeous gown for her day. The internet can be a good place sometimes, I think.

People who crochet their dresses blow my mind.

Here's some details from the bride:

"Didn't do the train and added blue & clear beads to the belt/waist and in the top half of the dress (hard to see in this photo but was trying to add some sparkle). Freaking loved it."

Moms made this dress happen.

"My mother (the sewing queen) en my mother-in-law (the crochet queen) made my wedding dress!" We love when moms work together to create a masterpiece!

This dress may be unconventional, but it's stunning.

This dress was made during a 2020 COVID-19 lockdown.

"My initial plan wasn’t to use it as a wedding dress but plans changed as the world changed."

I'd say they changed for the better! (Plus, the cold shoulders make this is the perfect vaccination dress, am I right?)

This dress? Oh, it has pockets.

"The dress has three separate pieces: bodice, skirt, and train. The train is removable for easier movement following the ceremony. Also, the skirt has pockets!"

This dress is a dip-dye dream.

This bride was inspired by a photo on Pinterest to make her own gradient wedding dress. Those colors remind me of a sunset. Just beautiful.

Meet the crochet queen.

"Many women spend thousands on their wedding dress- I made mine for under $30 while riding the bus," said Redditor alkikat.

She completed the dress over the course of five months during her commute to work. Now that's dedication.

This wedding dress was entirely self-drafted!

I really love the fabric choice for this dress! It has a lot of texture and really gives it a nice, cozy vibe. The darting in the top is so beautiful, too!

This cute tea-length dress has a gorgeous overlay.

"I took a workshop a year and a half ago where we took a basic straight dress pattern and learned to adjust it perfectly to our sizes," FonsSapientiae explained.

She adjusted that basic pattern and used it for her wedding dress!

This wedding dress was made from CURTAINS.

"Wedding dress over layer, with cropped front and waterfall, into a train. Hand stitched applique all around hem, finished at 11pm the night before! Made from...IKEA net curtains."

That's so crazy and so cool.

This dress was made for a getaway wedding!

"We did a small elopement/micro-wedding in Great Smoky Mountains National Park," Pioneeress explained. "[...] our budget was small, I had a very specific idea of what I wanted, and because we had such a casual plan I figured I could use a white floral dress I already had if it went terribly, so I decided to go for it."

This dress has a touch of black!

"A year ago, I messaged a friend of mine and told her I wanted her to make my wedding dress. I knew I wasn't going to be able to find one and she was the only one I trusted. She had only done 1 or 2 other formal dresses before then but she KILLED IT!!!"

This is one hell of a before and after.

I have never seen a thrift flip turn out this beautifully before! I love that she kept elements of the original sleeves and neckline, but made them more modern and tasteful.

This dress would have the designers at Kleinfeld quaking.

This has to be one of the nicest dresses I've ever seen. Forget a Pnina Tornai, this is the dress I'd want to see featured on that show!