Bride Spray Paints Her Dress To Create A Northern Lights Design

What's a bride to do when an idea gets stuck in her head?

That's the challenge TikTok user Kiri, aka @kiricallaghan, faced when she suddenly had an intense need to paint her wedding dress like the Northern Lights. Armed with some spray paint and confidence, Kiri turned her white wedding dress into the dress of her dreams.

Meet Kiri.

She's a cosplayer, voice-over artist, and professional geek. She and her now-wife, Angelique, decided to have a faerie and fantasy-themed wedding. While Angelique would rock a suit, Kiri opted for a dress.

With two weeks to go until their wedding, Kiri got an idea.

She wanted to paint her wedding dress to look like the Northern Lights. Yup, Kiri wanted to paint her dress with two weeks to go to the wedding. And the idea would not leave her brain.

So, out came the paints.

Kiri noted in her viral TikTok that she used floral spray to give her dress its aurora borealis vibes. Floral spray is a dye meant for plants, but can be used on fabric.

Away she went.

Starting at the bottom, Kiri moved in an ombré pattern, from dark to light. You can see the color inspiration for it totally matched her hair, too!

The finished product was absolutely stunning.

Painting from dark to light can be dicey, but Kiri more than nailed it. Her dress came out looking exactly like the Northern Lights, and even sparkled like them, too!

Their wedding turned out to be a beautiful event.

And look at that dress! You can really see how perfect her ombré paint came out, and of course it matched her hair. It was a wedding fit for two magical beings!

Here's a full view of the dress.

Kiri paired a pair of wings and some pointed elf ears with her fairytale dress for the perfect wedding of her dreams. The green in the dress goes so beautifully with their setting!

She answered a few questions in her TikTok.

Thankfully, Kiri DID plan ahead when painting her dress. She had a simple backup dress ready just in case the paint didn't come out the way she wanted it to.

You can watch the TikTok here.

So, what do you think of the idea of painting a wedding dress? I would actually try it, since I love DIYing things! Having a one-of-a-kind dress is such a special thing, too.