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Bride Knits Her Wedding Dress On The Subway For 9 Months And Finishes Just In Time

Esther Andrews is the (very talented) owner of Esther Andrews Bridal. "Knitting her way to NYC", she has always been passionate about knitting.

Having created multiple knitwear collections for well-known fashion labels in New York City, Andrews' life was filled with yarn and needles. So when her now-husband proposed to her, knitting her own wedding dress was the obvious answer.

Andrews began knitting her dress on her daily commute.

When she got engaged to her husband and "best friend", Andrews knew that she wanted to knit her own wedding dress. Unfortunately, balancing dress-making and a full-time job meant she had little time to spare, so it wasn't long before knitting on the subway became her daily routine.

She wanted the theme to be "pirate meets tomato patch".

Aiming for a "pirate meets tomato patch" theme, she wanted the design to feel silly and fun. Spending every spare moment she could find knitting, the deadline was fast approaching when she finally got to sewing all the pieces together.

Luckily, she finished the dress right on time.

Using what ended up being more than four miles of mohair lace yarn, the design was filled with ruffles upon ruffles. (And thankfully fit perfectly when she tried it on!)

Still needing to embroider the many small tomato patches, Andrews only completed the dress one day before her wedding.

The wedding went off without a hitch.

Absolutely thrilled with the result, Andrews' wedding day went off without a hitch. Looking beautiful and happy with her new hubby, their wedding was a space-pirate-themed success.

Dancing together in themed outfits she'd made by hand, Andrews says "I will always cherish this dress and the time that went into making it".

What do you think of her tomato patch dress?

Watch Esther Andrews' full TikTok video to see the dress come together, and click over to Esther Andrews Bridal if you're interested in her hand-knit designs.

What do you think of her knitted dress? Can you imagine knitting your own dress for months on a subway? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.