Bride's DIY Ideas To Save Money On Her Wedding Get Criticized Online

If there's one thing people on TikTok have, it's opinions.

Are they good? Nah. Are they helpful? Not usually! Unfortunately, one bride had to find that out the hard way when she decided to share her cost-cutting tips that she'd be using for her wedding. People lashed out — but why? Let's find out.

If there's one thing millennials and Gen Z are doing differently, it's weddings.

Unsplash | Sofia Hernandez

Why? Because most of us are far too broke to be throwing the huge parties our parents did. We simply can't afford it, and what we can afford we'd rather put towards something that will last, like a home.

That's exactly what TikTok user Sian Taylor had in mind when planning her wedding.

She decided to post some of the things she wouldn't be doing at her wedding on TikTok. She said she wouldn't be doing some of the things she listed because they just didn't make sense to her.

She's cutting a number of things.

The first thing she listed: her guestbook.

The second: no save-the-dates or invitations. Instead, she'll text or email her guests and save money AND the environment. Plus, she won't have to sort through and organize the RSVPs.

Personalized wedding favors are also out.

"One, they're damn expensive. No one actually keeps them, and I just don't understand.

Instead, our venue has fire pits where everyone will get some s'mores to toast on the night."

I mean, she's not wrong.

Sian is also getting married on a weekday.

Why? Because it's so much cheaper! Her venue was a whopping $2-3k cheaper to book on a weeknight than a weekend. That's a BIG difference, and that money is better spent elsewhere.

There won't be any real flowers, either.

I'm actually a HUGE fan of this one. Sian opted out of paying a thousand dollars for real plants that will die, and instead is going to pay a couple hundred for fake ones she can keep forever. LOVE that.

The comments were so aggressive and hateful that she had to turn them off entirely.

She was sent honest-to-god threats over her TikTok. People were incensed she was leaving out things they considered crucial to a wedding, even though she said she had no use for them.

After being attacked, Sian explained the guestbook thing:

"We've both lost a lot of family. Both of our families combined can fit on two hands, that's how small it is. I personally feel like a guestbook for us is just going to point out a lot of people aren't at our day."

In a truly boss move, Sian chose to keep her series going.

She's also not doing a professional wedding cake. She was going to be charged $400 for a three-tiered cake where she lives, and that was sans decorations. Instead, she's doing donuts and a small cake for the traditional cutting of the cake.

They're not going to have a band or a DJ there the whole time, either.

This one makes SO much sense to me, actually. Her venue has an aux cord, so they're going to have a DJ part-time and then do their own playlist the rest of the time.

As you can guess, the comments got so bad on that video that she had to turn them off again.

Sending hate comments to someone over a wedding makes no sense to me. Instead, let's look at how cute she and her partner are! Their engagement shoot was to die for.

What people failed to understand is that she can do whatever she wants for her wedding.

It's not anyone else's wedding but hers and her partner's. If some people on TikTok don't like what she's doing, who cares? Honestly, seriously: who cares? They won't be there, and they don't have to do any of that at their own weddings!

Sian got the last laugh, though.

Their anger pushed her over the TikTok 10k threshold goal, which means she could then apply to the Creator Fund and monetize her TikToks. Now, she gets paid to share her wedding tips!

h/t Insider