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20 Truly Infuriating Pics That Got Our Blood Boiling

There are a multitude of things in this world that can leave us shaking our fists and screaming "Why?!" into the heavens...although, that might be a tad dramatic.

However, from the most evil examples of irony ever to individuals who wanted the whole neighborhood to know the gender of their new baby, here are 20 truly infuriating pics that got our blood boiling.

"Hostile architecture on a fountain bench asking if it's fair to all concerned. Irony at its finest."

As someone also pointed out, it looks like the material they used to install these measures are pretty iron-y as well...

"Handicapped-accessible ramp in Germany."

They just could not resist putting some stairs right at the top there could they?

"Kids are having fun with friends so a neighbor reported to HOA that they must be running a childcare."

Yet another miserable neighbor trying to use the HOA for nefarious, fun-sucking means!

"This mailbox in the way of the sidewalk."

Seems like they were trying to fortify their mailbox against people smashing it...feels a little extreme though!

"Parents who raise their kids saying it's okay to leave a library like this."

"Ah what lovely facilities, let's absolutely destroy them and leave the workers to clear it up!" — every asshat parent ever.

"Accessible handicapped parking! For SUVs/Trucks only?"

"Note that they would have to back in [as well,] as the driver's side offers no extra space," one keen-eyed person also pointed out.

"Damaging part of a national landmark in the name of Jesus..."

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Yes, hideous destruction of God's Earth is exactly the sort of thing that Christ preached about.

"I feel bad for this guy."

Wow, I wonder if they approved the time off or not after this debacle? It sounds more like the boss might need some time off first in order to discuss this with his wife!

"Total came to $6.66 and I was charged a 1¢ Satan Avoidance Fee."

Why didn't they just take the penny off instead? Although, one person did point out, "This isn't about satan avoidance, but a royalty fee satan receives whenever something is priced with three 6's."

"I give up with online classes..."

Sure, some people argued that "the question and the answer [are] in the same order," but you'd have to be one hell of a stickler to not just code this answer in as well.

"People who take more than one parking space are bad enough, but this guy is next level."

If he did this as he didn't want anyone to bash his car then he should have thought about how angry he was making everyone around him.

"My wife doesn't get all the ice out of one tray before using another."

These are the sorts of things that you really need to be aware of before you agree to marrying someone!

"The way they packaged this peanut butter..."

The idea of the noise that dragging a knife along polystyrene would make is going through me already.

"This stack of consoles at my friend's house."

Sweet Jesus on a Ritz cracker that is some abominable behaviour. That Xbox is just begging to fall!

"This jerk of a land lord..."

Temperature is more of a state of mind anyway, just turn it to what you think it should be and your mind will do the work...probably.

"This glass is completely dry, the drops are part of the design."

"Right, well all of these glasses are filled with bubbles of air, chuck them out."

"What if we market it as a 'design choice'?"

"Renovations done to a 500-year-old tower."

Ah yes, they really managed to capture the original aesthetic and beauty of the castle in this renovation!

"It's a boy! (Blue stuff is not ours, yard is!)"

I hope that this person has a leaf blower so that they can send that wonderful blue confetti right back to its rightful owners!

"Amazon driver didn't feel like walking up my driveway. Decided to upload a pic of a package on a random porch that looks nothing like mine instead..."

"Ah, they'll never know that it's not their real driveway or anything. It's not like they live there!"

"The new school in my community has a wheelchair access button for the door, but no way for a person in a wheelchair to reach it."

One particularly emphatic person pointed out, "The lack of accessibility is what hinders many disabled people's lives to the point that they need a personal care worker to assist them with everything even when they'd be perfectly capable of living a normal independent life if public spaces were actually accessible."

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