10+ Dramatic Celebrity Feuds From 2020 We Will Always Remember

2020 might have been a wild ride of a year with many unexpected moments, but it's finally almost over.

For those who love celebrities and all the celeb tea, 2020 still had its interesting moments, however, with some of our fav celebs getting into feuds.

Here are 10+ dramatic feuds between celebrities that happened in 2020. We won't be forgetting these anytime soon!

1. Jillian Michaels vs. Lizzo

Lizzo had quite the rise to fame and has inspired people to love their own bodies, but Jillian Michaels told Buzzfeed News' AM to DM "Why are we celebrating her body? Why does it matter? ... 'Cause, it isn't going to be awesome if she gets diabetes. I'm just being honest."

Many other celebs defended Lizzo and fans criticized Michaels for fat-shaming.

2. Kim K against her sisters

The Kardashians are often involved in feuds, and a lot of the time it's with one another. The three sisters have had an ongoing feud that got violent in 2020.

While the drama between these two sisters might not have happened in 2020 per se, the public didn't get to see it until 2020 when an episode Keeping Up With the Kardashians aired showing the sisters throw punches at one another.

The fight between them was bad.


After the on-screen fight between Kourtney and Kim broke out, [Kourtney announced](https://www.health.com/celebrities/kourtney-kardashian0 in March that she was stepping away from the show to focus on her children.

Given how toxic things became to the point of these two sisters brawling, this was probably the right choice.

3. Danielle Bregoli vs. Skai Jackson

The new generation of celebs already has their own feuds. Rapper Bregoli posted on her Instagram live that Skai Jackson was trying to date her exes. She said that she wanted to "kill" Jackson.

Jackson is even reported to have filed a restraining order against Bregoli.

4. Usher vs. The Weeknd

This beef started when The Weeknd said in an interview he thought Usher's song "Climax" was inspired by The Weeknd's first mixtape.

Usher then posted a video of himself singing the song in response. However, The Weeknd claims things were taken out of context and that there wasn't a feud.

5. Aerosmith vs. Joey Kramer

2020 had a surprising number of feuds between musicians including this one between Kramer, a founding member of Aerosmith, and the rest of the group.

A judge refused to let Kramer get a spot when the group was honored at the Grammy's after Kramer sued the band. However, he did join the rest of Aerosmith to accept the 2020 MusiCares Person of the Year award.

6. Chrissy Teigen vs. Alison Roman

This celebrity feud happened after Alison Roman, a New York Times food columnist, criticized both Chrissy Teigen and Marie Kondo in an interview.

Teigen was upset by these comments and even posted on Twitter about needing a social media break. The feud was mostly resolved, however, when Roman apologized.

7. French Montana vs. Young Thug

The fighting between these two actually stems from comments French Montana made about being able to outperform Kendrick Lamar on stage.

Young Thug didn't like these comments and responded back at French Montana by attacking him for wearing a dress.

8. Nick Cannon vs. Kevin Hart

Nick Cannon began this year by calling out Kevin Hart over his workout routine. He posted on Instagram with a side by side picture of himself and Hart working out on the same kind of exercise routing saying "JV vs. Varsity!!"

Hart responded by calling out Cannon's form and Cannon later deleted the post.

9. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry vs. The Royal Family

One of the biggest stories of the year was when Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced they would be stepping down from their royal duties and that they would no longer be working for The Royal Family.

This was a huge deal and unheard of! While the details of the issues this caused within the family are mostly speculation, it's clear these two really shook things up.

Kate Middleton didn't seem thrilled with the decision.

Members of The Royal Family are experts at not revealing too much, but when Meghan and Prince Harry met up with Kate and Prince William for the Commonwealth Day of Service, things seemed tense.

The even was Prince Harry and Meghan's final appearance as royals, and Kate appeared to snub these two when they greeted one another.

10. Axl Rose vs. Steven Mnuchin

These days feuds involving United States politicians are a lot less rare than they used to be, but you still might not expect the US Secretary of the Treasury and the frontman of Guns N' Roses to fight.

Rose tweeted that Munchin was an [expletive]. Munchin responded with a tweet that accidentally contained an emoji of the Liberian flag instead of the American one.

11. Tati Westbrook vs. James Charles

For anyone who knows about make-up influencers on YouTube, this feud was a big deal. The feud started back in 2019 when the former friends had a falling out with Tati calling Charles out very publicly.

However, the drama didn't end in 2019 as two other huge YouTubers were revealed to be involved this year.

Tati Westbrook blamed Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson.

In a video posted this summer, Tati explained that Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson were feeding her continual lies about James Charles to turn Tati against him.

She apologized to Charles saying, "I am so sorry that I allowed myself to be poisoned and weaponized against you. I’m sorry that I bought into any of their lies."

12. Nicki Minaj vs. Meek Mill

These two used to date which made this feud even uglier than most. It started when Nicki Minaj posted a mean tweet about Meek Mill and then accused him of abuse.

Meek Mill responded by saying Minaj was a bad person because of an assault case involving her brother.