17+ Pics I'm Still Shaking My Head At

The idea that our world is a reasonable place, full of reasonable people and reasonable rules, is a nice notion. But in practice, it isn't really true. Sometimes, all you can do is embrace the chaos.

They can wear hats if they want to.

Reddit | Holden_Linton

I'm not especially broken up over the fact that Men Without Hats do, in fact, apparently sometimes wear hats. But for those who care about 80's novelty hits, I'd imagine this comes as a bit of a blow.

Not lovin' it.

Reddit | rainierisrad

True, this is a McDonald's breakfast burrito, not a higher-end offering from Chipotle or somewhere. But despite the lower price point, I think it's reasonable to expect your burrito to be unstamped.


Reddit | TheGreatBugle

Flyswatters are used to swat flies. Flies often find themselves buzzing around inside rooms. That all checks out. What I really can't get my head around is how the flyswatter wound up here.

Think about it for a second.

Reddit | blorfrolb

This downspout is an absolute disaster. While, in theory, a lot of standing water would eventually force the excess down the spout, that's only if the connection is completely watertight, which I somehow doubt.

Almost perfect.

Reddit | zyyye

This is kind of like when you play Sim City and start with a really fugly neighborhood as you learn the controls. Sure, you could delete it, but it's always nice to know where you started.

Every time.

Reddit | yahlover

I feel like this photo is not just frustrating, but also relatable, because I see these garbage cans all the time.

Like, it's fine to just be a garbage can. Just don't pretend you're anything else.

So close.

Reddit | mtkeepsrolling

The custom pen people probably need to do a better job of looking at order forms, because it's unlikely that any company would actually want to use "Please use uploaded logo" as its tagline.

Well-padded contacts.

Reddit | dankenport

One of these boxes is basically the perfect size for eight boxes of contact lenses, so why would they be shipped this way? If it must be two boxes, why not go with four and four?

Stays fresher that way.

Reddit | LocusAintBad

Cereal bags can be rolled up for freshness and tucked back inside the box already. But if you really like freshness, you can just eliminate the bag rolling and do the box instead.

Nature's bounty.

Reddit | Kaiskii

Potatoes are cheap, plentiful and have no need for packaging. This grocery store wraps them all up in the kind of plastic that will someday be the death of our oceans.

Ehh, still gets the point across.

Reddit | MarxistLesbian

It took someone with a keen eye for detail to notice that Walmart's pickup area swapped its P's. It's impossible not to fixate on once you've noticed it.

Balcony with a view.

Reddit | Mssmjc

I like sitting outdoors as much as the next person, but there should be limits. This person woke up one day to find that their neighbors had built a new deck, looking directly into a bedroom.

They're mocking us.

Reddit | kabdelgaber

Yes, that's a can of "heavy weight" wasp killer. And yes, that's a wasp's nest that's taken root directly on the nozzle of said can. I guess if wasp poisons don't work, we should start using fire.

I hate this photo.

Reddit | jbird2525

Carpets, in the right areas, can make cold floors more bearable and bring coziness to a room.

There are lots of great places to lay down carpet — but the bathroom certainly isn't one of them.

*Wall-E* IRL.

Reddit | OMGLMAOWTF_com

This isn't about throwing shade at overwhelmed parents who just want to get through shopping as efficiently as possible. This is about a mall charging $10 for it.

Please tell me they sanitize those touchscreens between uses.

You're not working out in a barn.

Reddit | Chigo1206

Look, dumbbells are heavy (that's kind of the point), but if you're going to lift them for a workout, lifting them to take them back to the rack doesn't seem like too big of an ask.


Reddit | Cookiiwhore

It's shocking to me that teachers in some areas are so poorly compensated. They don't go to school for years just to supplement their income with a barista side gig.

Just no.

Reddit | asgardian_superman

I don't even like the toilet lid covers, and this is a billion times worse.

There is a reason the back of every color option is brown.

Counter-productive, no?

Reddit | Guygan

COVID-19 is a serious health issue and face masks are the least people can do to help lessen the spread, but besides the fact that smoking is also unhealthy, the mask is now useless for its intended purpose.

Math is hard.

Reddit | hannic95

I'm not going to pretend that I can easily work out percentages in my head or anything, but something tells me that eight out of twelve is always going to be the same percentage.

What is this monstrosity?!

Reddit | iamnobodyelsel

Sometimes, you mess up your angles with the pizza cutter, but this isn't that. This looks like the pizza roller had a seizure.

A truly evil eye.

Reddit | meeduse

Please tell me that is a wig and not something a real life person chose to do to their head.

A happily little tribute.

Reddit | OhFrickMyGuy

Still terrifying, but I'd choose this over the terrifying eye any day.

So much variety!

Reddit | ApostateLibrarian

This earns an extra eye-roll because Tampico isn't even real fruit juice and doesn't need to be refrigerated until after opening.

But it's *sushi*...

Reddit | blackrockscuba

Yes, sushi is technically any dish made with vinegared rice and not specific to raw fish but particularly in Western countries, "sushi" and "raw" is pretty much synonymous.

So this is either confusing or misleading, and either way I'm not eating it.

There are fun pranks and there are dick moves.

Reddit | dudeitsscott

Knocking over a port-a-potty is definitely the latter.

There is rich, and there is *rich-rich*.

Reddit | MagneticGray

To put this purchase into perspective:

If you make $50,000 per year, an eighth of a percent is $62.50. That's how little a dent buying a house put into Bezos' wallet.


Reddit | CrushMyCamel

The original Monopoly game was invented as a way to show how Capitalism sucks, but now there is a version with descriptions like this:

"You'll have issues with your neighbors, your DIY community projects go awry, you're constantly voting to shake things up, and there’s always an emergency that requires dipping into the community fund! Contribute all 10 of your chips to win the game, unless the community fund runs out of money and everyone loses. So much for a socialist utopia."

"Sign at my Dr’s office today, and no, he’s not a podiatrist."

Reddit | Boomersmom06

Behind every sign there is a story.

I don't think I could love any product this much.

Reddit | matwithonet13

Nor is this a clever work around for the "no shoes, no service" rule.

Apparently, this guy's a sort of local legend in Barrie, Canada.

Reddit | nosyblumpkin

While that goes a long way to explain why he's decked out in a snowmobile suit, it still doesn't do a lot to illustrate how he manages to ride that bike while keeping that pony leashed.

Or why the pony's always with him, for that matter. Wish I could see them in action.

Someone apparently abandoned their car here, but decided to garnish it with two towels and some donut holes for whatever reason.

Reddit | taxman12345

It's worth noting that this picture was taken in Tennessee, where it's apparently not uncommon to use towels as a signal that your car has broken down.

The significance of the donut holes remains a mystery, though. Is it a signal to birds that they have the all-clear to poop on it or something?

How much TV can this family really claim they watch?

Reddit | abaganoush

While the man sitting up front is at least half-aware of what's going on here, the woman in the back is forced to treat their set as a very bright radio.

That buffalo probably has about 13 binge-watched shows under its belt by now, though.

"So, the buffalo has a belt?" you might say. And to that I reply, yeah, that's what's weird about this.

Frankly, I'm just not seeing the appeal of this one.

Reddit | megamind_100iq

Unless someone's a lot happier with sweating into wax while fire edges ever closer to their fingertips than I am, I'm betting that it won't be long before this person wonders why this seemed like a good idea.

Yeah, I have to admit, it looks pretty weird for this reporter to interview a trash can.

Reddit | CamTheChest

But just you wait, it's going to answer and then she'll have the story of the century on her hands.

It's all about instinct, people.

Somebody thought they could hit and run, but their car apparently wasn't the accomplice they thought it was.

Reddit | squillavilla

Yup, it seems that upon impact, it was nice enough to leave a readable imprint of their license plate behind.

Should've just swapped insurance info, sport.

While it's nice to see some bold, creative strides in nail art, it helps to remember that they might need to actually walk at some point.

Reddit | Dagur145

And considering what a nightmare it looks like it would be to take shoes on and off with these things on, I find it hard to believe that this person thought that far ahead.

Yeah, I can't pretend that I wouldn't also be staring if somebody walked by like this.

Reddit | Im_Futur_AMA

But how weird it looks doesn't really matter that much. I just want to know how their face feels right now because that looks seriously uncomfortable.

I bet all three of them would suddenly look really embarrassed if somebody pointed this out.

Reddit | shotukan

Still, if you can recall a time when tunnel vision kept you from seeing a really obvious solution when you were trying a much harder one, at least it probably wasn't this bad.

And if it was, at least your mistake didn't come with two spotters.

While I actually kind of like the look of this car, I'm not sure the design choice is worth it.

Reddit | abominableamoeba

Not only would washing it probably take twice as long, but I'm not even sure where the door handle is supposed to be.

I'm not trying to solve a puzzle every time I need to get somewhere.

Thanks, I hate it.

Reddit | bicureyooz

Yes, this is "Slave George Lucas" chained by Mickey Mouse.

It's definitely a statement.

Shades of Mad Max.

Reddit | MrFrost7

I don't know how this car can be legal. I also don't know how the driver of this car parks in tight spaces. Basically, this seems like something that shouldn't exist.

F that noise.

Reddit | H3110_everybody

We live in a world where wireless headphones with great battery life are totally affordable, but we also live in a world where jerks who blast loud music in public areas are still a thing.

Seems legit.

Reddit | blorgasporgler

This is just a small part of a medical system that often sticks uninsured people with five- and six-figure hospital bills. It's easy to get a chuckle at a $10 cough drop, but not as easy to laugh at a $30,000 childbirth.

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