20 People Who Are Hilarious By Nature

As we plod on through our daily lives, it is the little things that we come across and bring a smile to our face which can make everything worthwhile!

So, from dogs that got the most seriously unfortunate haircuts to individuals who didn't understand what sparks were, here are 20 people who are hilarious by nature.

"Yeah I don't think he likes the haircut."

It sure is a lot more neat than the old haircut, but it does make the dog look alarmingly like Anna Wintour.

"It's worth a try!"

That is a pretty incredible rendering of a cicada! Also, how did they resist tearing off the holes on that piece of paper before sticking it up?

"My son, the thief."

I like that this kid has clearly got their priorities in life right nice and early! Never miss an opportunity to steal some pizza!

"This bumper sticker..."

I am very much confused by this, but I kind of can't help but want one to stick on the back of my car.

"Someone pointed out it looks like Godzilla's butt diving into the pot and now I can't unsee it."

And yet, this is still better Godzilla content than Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Got 'em.

"Installed the sign, boss!"

I dread to think that is required for people to use the toilet in this bathroom, is it like an obstacle course?

"My wife got me a cake, I'm having my rectum removed on Tuesday."

Another person added, "My brother had most of his colon removed years ago and his favorite joke when he doesn't care about something is, 'Opinions are like assholes - and I don't have one anymore.'"

"Father's Day gift from daughter. I must say I AM a great pillow layer."

Describing someone as "handsome as a flower" who knows how to eat chips is some of the greatest poetry that humanity has ever produced.

"And y'all were worried about masks in the airport…"

Nothing will stop people travelling quite like hordes of bloodthirsty geese roaming public transport for their next victim!

"I cancelled a call mid-presentation because my 9yo told me water was running all over her bathroom floor…"

This is not only a great joke, but it's a fantastic way to get out of a Zoom meeting! Perfection!

"A recreation of 'Saturn' by Rubens that my dog and I did."

I don't think that I could capture a sense of anguish as well as this dog can! This is the Leonardo DiCaprio of dogs!

"You're welcome kiddo."

Wow, that child looks furious at its very existence. And all I can say's not gonna get any easier kid!

"This shipping container does not spark joy."

So this is why all of my packages keep getting damaged? Because of the woman with the iron head! I knew there had to be a rational explanation!

"Got my new license plate in the mail today."

Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches, and sometimes that involves getting a license plate to demonstrate your acceptance of your ageing form. Classic.

"Went to museum and they had a working piano they had this sign."

How many times have the people who work here listened to people agonizingly work their way through "Heart and Soul" before putting this sign up?

"A cinematic masterpiece..."

I can imagine that the person who owns this car must be sick of the sound of car horns. Who wouldn't honk after reading this?

"We told the new guy to catch the sparks because we recycle them."

These sorts of pranks exist in all manner of professions, as one person added, "I ran a pizza shop for about a decade, and would get all the rooks with the 'dough repair kit' and 'the cheese whitening enzyme.' It's shocking how many smart people fall for that."

"I'm an almost 20-year-old 'adult' and this still made me giggle like a middle schooler."

I don't think that anyone should ever look at this and not find it funny. The day I don't laugh at something like this is the day that I die inside.

"Someone at work put a seagull on the sanitizer dispenser."

Nothing will get people to keep their hands clean quite like implying that they're washing their hands in seagull poop. I love it.

"My parent's cats have been killing too many birds in the backyard. Solution #1."

Did these cats just walk right out of a circus? I would be furious if my owner made me wear these abominable outfits!