15+ Unfortunate Pics That Reminded Us Why We Don't Like Surprises

Everyone's mileage varies when it comes to their opinion on surprises. They're very polarizing in the sense that you either love 'em or hate 'em.

However, even those that love them can admit that not every surprise is a good one, and we're never obligated to like them. Here's a list of unfortunate pics that remind us why.

"Anyone know how to jailbreak a TV?"

Roku has put you in TV jail for the crime of watching too many Netflix original reality shows. They're trying to save you.

"My jelly donut..."

It's not even the powdered kind, so you don't have the comfort of having a giant powdered donut instead. All you have is barely sweetened fried dough.

"The crucial 4th ice cream bowl was lost at some point, forever altering the vibe."

I don't know about you, but I find this infinitely better. It's weird, funny, and definitely unique!

"My only fork melted during lunch today because I didn’t let the food cool off."

An important lesson in patience. And temperature reactions.

"My disappointing M&M ice cream sandwich."

As long as there's still ice cream in it, you're still doing better than the jelly donut guy.

"Picked up the perfect looking apple today.. or so I thought."

Reddit | NeedsMoreWiFi

This feels pointed. Are the stickers put on by hand? If not, this one was. This one definitely was.

"I just wanted a nice snack [...]."

Seeing as when I first saw this pic I thought it was mold, this is a way better alternative. Not the best, but better.

"What 8 pens in the dryer looks like."

If that's what it looked like for the dryer, I shudder to think of the clothes.

"The air fryer blew the cheese off my bread."

Air fryers are fancy and convenient, yes, but sometimes there's no beating a pan and a stovetop.

"Part of my plane was being held together by duct tape."

"But that isn't an integral part of the plane's flying capabilities," you might say, to which my response would be that I don't care. That's still scary.

"[Spent] four months building a campervan, decided to make a little money renting it out, first rental came back like this."

Reddit | BearAndAcorn

This is exactly why I will never trust a stranger with any of my belongings, big or small.

"Drunk girl left my [Froster machine] running."

How drunk do you have to be to not realize you're doing this? And how old is your machine if the handle gets stuck down?

"After over a year with the bowling alley closed, they finally opened up in my city. Waited more than 3 hours!! Opened the bag and this nice surprise was waiting for me..."

I didn't even know bowling balls could do that. It would be impressive if it wasn't so sad.

"Where my wife puts used diapers. Consistently."

This is gross regardless, but with the garbage bin right there...this is painful.

"First day of Spring Break and the weather is looking great."

Hey, you're still out making the most of it! No amount of freakish April snow will get you down.

"The wind knocked down my fence [...]."

Were the bricks just sitting on top of one another without any actual bonding, or was the wind blowing so hard it'd tear doors off?

"My daughter 'fixed' my keyboard for me."

On the bright side, you know she knows her ABCs, which will be fundamental in her development.

"My sister’s fiancé ran his phone over with a lawnmower."

Well, let's go through the basics. Stick it in some rice, turn it off and back on again, let it charge for a while and see what happens.

"Got home to see that a whole row was missing."

I can't even tell what this is but I feel the pain of your loss.

"No caramel for my ice cream I guess."

No, there's still sauce in there, you just have to be open to the rather large risk of flies also being on your ice cream.

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