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15+ Times Someone Took The Time To Notice The Little Things

You know, I want to be the sort of person who picks up on the small things that escape everybody else's notice. I really do. Ever since hearing about the guy who got a $1,000 reward just for finding a particular clause in hidden in some software's Terms of Service, I've thought, hey, wouldn't it be great to be that guy?

But I'm not, and I think most folks are like me. We can't be bothered. There's no way companies hide things like that in their Terms of Service anymore. But hey, apparently that doesn't mean that an eye for detail can't be rewarded on some level.

Just look at the cool little things the folks below found.

Low five.

There's a lot going on in these old bricks around a fireplace, including a print from an animal's paw. Looks like maybe a raccoon might have stepped on one of the bricks as it was drying, once upon a time.

There's something a bit extra cozy about that, don't you think?

Wishful thinking.

Reddit | n0rmbates

This tag attached to a dog bed encourages owners to "Tell the cat to get their own bed." Mind you, our cats can make a bed out of just about anything. There's nothing those lazy beasts won't curl up for a nap on.

But in my experience, cats will claim what they claim and that's the end of the discussion.


Reddit | Wet-Tortilla

Camouflage patterns usually seem random but apparently, the one decking out this PlayStation controller isn't that random because it contains the shape of the controller itself.

Good branding.

Reddit | Kaleb8804

When you get a shipment from game developer Valve, it might just come in a box like this, which uses the iconic companion cube from its Portal games to show which way is "up" for the box.

It's all right there.

Reddit | curry-free

If you look closely, you can tell how often it has snowed in this area recently. There are three distinct layers to the snow built up on this surface, meaning three snowfalls.

Perfect for stamping on.

Reddit | Haelfyr_Snoball

Where else but the post office would you encounter floor tiles that look like envelopes? Makes sense, right? You have to admit, it's a nice touch.

Just add water.

Reddit | gregnants

Somebody happened to spill water on their shirt, revealing a hidden waffle pattern. I suppose it would have shown up with enough sweat as well but otherwise, you'd never know it was there.

Two sides to every story.

Reddit | Heather_Bea

And there are two very different sides to this fish. Yeah, this is one fish. It's just that different on each side.


Reddit | Technicalk3rbal

And to think, you have to go all the way to the bottom of a mattress box to get a compliment like this. What is the world even coming to?


Reddit | EtienneFlyte

These remarkably ornate, highly detailed handrails are apparently on an "otherwise nondescript Copenhagen building." I believe it, too. Copenhagen seems like the sort of place with this odd fairy tale appeal.

The fidelity is high.

Reddit | brofax

Whoever painted the mural seen on the left paid careful attention to detail. You can tell because the mirror in the mural shows the gas station across the street from it, which is pictured on the right.

Uh, good timing, I think.

Reddit | Pennyboy96

Pictures of chickens tend not to be too special, but this one includes a neat detail because the photographer managed to capture it blinking with that weird inner eyelid some animals have.

It's cool in a high school biology sense, but also a bit creepy.

Popping off.

Reddit | bluefisch200

Someone found this face hidden on their champagne cork and it's clearly trying to keep people from spreading that secret around.

And what's another way of telling someone to keep quiet? To put a cork in it.

How wholesome.

Reddit | kparadocs

Or maybe it's more uplifting, due to the fact that you have to lift up a sack of fruit juice to get to see this message, "I'd hit a new low, until you found me."

Either way, it sure seems happy to see you.


Reddit | yenkezee

This nice little detail in the index of a textbook also manages to serve as a glossary.

By directing readers looking at the entry for "recursion" back to the page it's on, you get an inkling of what the word means, too.


Reddit | taggerbomb

This watch face is designed with the sea in mind, with waves engraved into the blue background. And if you look closely, you'll see a single shark fin poking up from the waves.

Peel to reveal.

Reddit | spencerak

The makers of this brew hid a message behind the label for all the folks who can't resist picking away at it.

And hey, I guess they may as well take the opportunity to try to make another sale while they're at it.

This detail on a fork kind of dates it, too.

Reddit | Davidkriner

It's obviously not a specific date, but you know it was made at least before 1991 because it's a symbol of the Soviet Union, which dissolved and ceased to exist that year.

How illuminating.

Reddit | GuyWithABulldog

Here's a cool detail you'd never know on your end — the uploader of this pic set up that QR code for Zoom meetings.

Anytime someone scans it, that light turns on. Which makes me wonder if it works through this post as well...

Somebody noticed this text on the back of a bottle's label.

Reddit | jegross

For the record, the text of this Ferdinand Magellan quote reads:

The sea is dangerous and its storms terrible, but these obstacles have never been sufficient reason to remain ashore... Unlike the mediocre, intrepid spirits seek victory over those things that seem impossible... It is with an iron will that they embark on the most daring of all endeavors... to meet the shadowy future without fear and conquer the unknown.