29 Mistakes That We Just Can’t Look Away From

Nobody is perfect and we can all make mistakes from time to time. Sometimes these can come in the form a truly abysmal Lion King tattoo or trying to fill up a hole-filled washing basket with petrol.

And so with these ideas in mind, please enjoy these 29 strange mistakes that we just can't look away from!

"Don't worry, I have seen the Lion King 1000 times. I can do this from memory."

I don't know what film this artist was remembering, but something tells me that they may have had a bootleg copy of the Lion King as a child.

"TIL I am fluent in Spanish."

"So, when you said that you could speak Spanish..."

"I think we both know that I was lying at this point."

"'Tis a helpful tool."

I love this "embarrassing memories" feature of my brain. Although, I do kind of wish that there was a software update that would allow me to turn it off.

"Please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times."

I am sure that this is properly shut down and safe, but I still wouldn't risk it. I've seen Final Destination too many times.

"We Can Do It In One Trip!"

A lot of things have been done in the name of laziness before, but this one takes the crown for the most dangerous!

"It's supposed to say 'heroes.'" doesn't! This is the kind of mug that, if you buy it, it'll stay with you for the rest of your life!

"Lost and Found."

I guess that will teach this person for losing their BlackBerry in this neighborhood! Also, are BlackBerrys still a thing?

"I put on the cheese, boss!"

Look, the cheese is "on" the burrito now! You should clearly have been more specific about what you wanted!

"Just a little air-con unit maintenance work!"

This guy clearly cares a lot about proper air conditioning for him to put his life on the line like this for a cool room!

"This building right in front of our apartment."

The window at the top was so distracting that I didn't even notice the second door above the first door.

"Not my job to draw hands!"

Has the person who drew this ever seen a pair of hands before? I mean, you would hope so!

"I've got a 'Clue' these designers have no idea what they're talking about!"

Someone quite rightly pointed out that this kind of "revolver" would really take the suspense out of Russian Roulette!

"He needs help!"

Yeah that sounds like a trap! There is no way that the situation is as straightforward as it seems!

"This kid mannequin..."

Well, I think that this strange beast will be plaguing my nightmares for the foreseeable future!

"This might take awhile..."

I simply cannot believe that there is an individual out there who is both this stupid and allowed to be in control of a vehicle!

"These arrow keys are so annoying."

"Hi, welcome to Hell. My name is Satan, and here is your company laptop."

"Wow, I thought that this would be much worse."

"Just wait until you see the arrow keys."

"You bastard."

"A bird crapped in the open mouth piece of my coffee."

"Hmmm, this cappuccino seems a little bit frothier than usual."

"Dave, I'm begging you to stop drinking that."

"Tried and failed to make homemade hotdog buns...this was a better option to eat them."

There should be some sort of law against this abomination. Although, I can't take my eyes off it!

"Oh well, at least they tried."

"Mmmm, what scent is that candle Beryl?"

"I think it's plastic-scented, but I can't get the damned thing to stay lit!"

"Err okay..."

I can imagine that trying to order this dish in English could really throw up some issues!

"It's even written correctly on the sign in front of them."

It's the principle of the thing that makes it so egregious!

"Installed the rails, boss!"

What a great way to make a third of your stairway completely pointless! Perfection!

"My Venus Fly Trap is getting fired."

"When I finally open my mouth again you'll be for it!"

"Well, until then I think I'll just sit right here..."

"They tried their best to have a selfie with Mona Lisa!"

This is kind of beautiful in its own right. You can see the Mona Lisa online at any time anyway, but this woman's hand is another story! And that came out creepier than intended, sorry.

"Be careful whilst walking, you might step on some democracy."

I have no idea what has to go wrong for a translator to spit this translation out?!

"Thinking is bad!"

Whoever put this sign up was really coming in hard with the sentiment behind this. I mean...just wow!

"My coworker parked in the wrong lot near the building."

The fact that they put "warned" in red font and paid for full-color printing makes you know that they're very serious as well!

"And the winner of 'not my sodding job' award is... My sister."

It surely takes more effort to try and balance the second one on there as opposed to just removing the old one?!

"I stocked the chicken!"

"You just won't find that chicken in here! Go on, get out of here, go find your chicken elsewhere!"