15+ Times People Made Obvious Mistakes

The vast majority of the mistakes that we make in our day-to-day life are very small, inconsequential things...however, some people have the innate ability to make truly spectacular mistakes!

So, from people who ate rotisserie chickens at the worst possible moment to individuals who didn't understand how stairs work, here are 15+ times people made obvious mistakes!

"You can go Up... Or you can go Up."

"How high do you want to go? Up, or even upper?"

"Can I go to the basement."

"Basements are a figment of your imagination..."

"The Local Newspaper Is Clearly Struggling..."

Something tells me that the people who work at this newspaper likely went to this high school before its resurgence!

"I sure do love coffff!"

Also, terrible font aside, you'd have a hard job getting a third cup into that little gap!

"I bet nobody's gonna notice."

Now I don't consider myself to be a good artist by any stretch of the imagination, but I feel that even I could probably have done a slightly better job than this!

"First day of reopened outdoor restaurants in the UK."

Now that is dedication to getting a pint! I can't say that I haven't also be tempted to go to such lengths for a pint!

"When your flatmate likes to eat seeds and cleans the floor without vacuuming first."

This would drive me up the wall, and I'm not exactly sure why something so menial would irritate me so much.

"Just a coffee for me."

"What can I get for you sir?"

*Incoherent bellowing...

"Excellent choice."

"Installing curtains that don't close in a place that gets 24/7 sunlight in the summer."

Curtains serve one purpose and this baffling design choice denies them that purpose! Why?!

"Don't judge the sugar by its cover!"

I feel like I am missing something with this one. Either that or the person packaging this sugar missed something even more obvious.

"Exhibitionists galore!"

This is just bizarre. Why would anyone ever want this design for a cubicle door? It's not even aesthetically pleasing, it's just strange!

"The key to my new office."

Well that seems like a daft place to keep it. I know that keeping your keys in a safe place is important but this is something else!

"Upside down crosswalk."

"Do you know why I stopped you?"

"No, officer."

"Clearly you were supposed to hop across that crossing on your head, did you not see the sign?"

"Are you serious?"

"I've never been more serious about anything in my life!"

"One of the most cryptic warning labels I've seen, still not sure exactly what it means..."

Maybe it means that you have to scare this product dry after washing it? So, just try jumping out on it until it is dry I guess.

All Locked Up!

Actually, I reckon that there are a lot of criminals out there who are lazy enough for this deterrent to actually work.

"Somewhere in Australia maybe?"

Either that or these stairs were designed for vampires...and I'm talking about the sort of vampires from the 2004 cinematic masterpiece Van Helsing.

"A huntsman spider ran across my dash while I was driving. I threw a litre water bottle at it…"

Well that was stupid. They should have done what any rational person would have done, which is roll out of the moving car, slam the door behind you, then torch the car.

"This was a fun surprise."

They'll have a hard time getting that to play over the sticker! I hope they at least enjoy the first half of this side as well.

"This is my dollar store Rubik's cube that still has the Shutterstock logos on the planets!"

Maybe Mars is just sponsored by Shutterstock and we don't know it yet as we haven't been there!

"McDonald's put the wrapper inside the ice cream cone. Like between layers of cone."

It adds a little roughage to your otherwise unhealthy ice cream I guess, nothing wrong with that!

"Crap, not again!"

Quite rightly, someone else did go on to point out, "And they're taking the picture while driving. Somebody take this person's chicken."

But seriously, don't do any of this!

"Person fined for speeding while their car was being towed."

I realize that this is ultimately the fault of some software, not a human. Still, you'd think the system would know how to recognize these things.

"Phone slipped out of my pocket while go karting and became wedged under the kart. This is what I found at the end of the lap."

Reddit | podsyboy121

Obviously this sucks for the owner of this phone, but I'm kind of impressed at how thoroughly it's been sanded down.

"There is a gap between two roofs right above a bench."

Reddit | Karasiow

You know, benches are fairly mobile when it comes to installing them.

You'd think they could have put a little more thought into this.

"My high school commissioned a bulldog statue! This is the result."

Reddit | cutzngutz

I don't want to make fun of whoever sculpted this...uh, bulldog, I guess.

But seriously, it looks like someone described a bulldog to them and they did their best to replicate it.

"What was the installer thinking while installing this?"

Reddit | idkhowtotft

This seems like an example of terrible planning.

But look on the bright side: everything's fine so long as no one ever uses the fan again.

"The ONE THING you're supposed to do."

Reddit | chief_longbeef

I guess these are overly polite smoke alarms that don't want to wake everyone up and cause a fuss.

"Somewhere in Australia maybe."

Reddit | huh_danny

I simply can't get my head around this.

Did the designer think gravity would reverse someday, or did they just want to turn this into a skate park?

"Ok wtf is this."

Reddit | ImJustDerp

This kind of front door is no big deal if you're about eight feet tall.

Might be tough for the rest of us, though.

"Really, UPS?"

Reddit | Dramaticrabbit

I like how clear the packaging is in stating that this shouldn't bend.

But hey, even if it bent, it didn't break (yet).

"(New) (Unopened)"

Reddit | JaidenGamerz

Something tells me this Facebook seller is using words that they don't quite know the meaning of.

Also, AirPods for $60? Yeah, those are fake.