20 Pics That Accidentally Turned Out Perfectly

Those who spend their time on social media are well versed in the art of taking the perfect picture. It has to be worthy of posting and good enough so all your friends and family may see it, so it's a tough skill to get down!

Sometimes, though, the perfect photo accidentally falls into your lap. A perfect illusion or a fun detail not noticed until after the fact, the sky's the limit!

"Fish squirmed right when I took a photo."

At least you still have proof that you caught it! Which is really all that matters after a day of fishing, right?

I feel like we all had that one boyfriend who intentionally ruined every picture we had together.

Lookin' at you Brad!

"I saved $2.11 on 2.11lbs of salmon that was packaged at 2:11."

I feel like this combo of numbers cast some sort of spell on you. Whether it's a blessing or a curse, well, only time will tell.

Don't you just love it when it feels like the universe lined up for you?

I mean, stuff like that doesn't often happen for me, self-proclaimed queen of hot messes, but I'm sure it happens to you!

"This tree looks like it's glowing."

Who needs street lamps when you have offputting, potentially nuclear trees that radiate light on their own?

Have I ever told you about that time my ex ate a glow stick as part of a revenge plot?

The glowing-yet-not-glowing tree made me think of it. I'll explain it in excruciating detail at the end.

"PURIFIED WATER looks like URINATE from where I'm sitting."

Hopefully, this isn't at your work place. That'd be an uncomfortable command to stare at all day.

Everyone who has ever been trapped in a car during bumper to bumper traffic with a boy knows that this comparison is...not unrelated.

If you know, you know.

"I took this at almost midnight in the pitch black [during] a thunderstorm."

Definitely uncanny, leaves me with a funny feeling. Then again, I don't think anything about lightning was designed to be comforting.

Don't sing the song don't sing the song don't sing the—


"Lamp Head."

Now he's got a real bright future ahead. Or, he would, if he took that hat off for once.

Quick: if the Pixar lamp was a person, who would you cast him as?

Personally, I think Timothee Chalamet is a safe choice.

"My two headed dog."

Not a standard dog, but not quite Cerberus either. Demikhov is rolling in his grave.

Would you give a two-headed dog two collars?

Or like, would the two heads share one collar? I'm asking the important questions here.

"Just successfully balanced a can on my cat Paprika's head."

Paprika doesn't look happy about it per se, but she's tolerating it, which is more than most cats would do.

Tag yourself

I'm Paprika, and my Ex is the can of pop. Get it? Because he's annoying?

"This puddle looks like a dolphin."

When someone pointed out that it looked more like an orca, the uploader responded with, "That’s like a dolphin with anger issues." They aren't wrong.

Did any of you read those dolphin books as a kid? The ones that came with a dolphin bracelet?


Admittedly, once I thought of them, I spent a very long time trying to find this cover. It was totally worth it though. Please tell me it was worth it.

"[This] dragonfly landed on my dragonfly tattoo."

This just proves that you've got quite the attractive dragonfly tattoo then.

That's similar to the time a bird pooped on my matching tattoo that I got with my ex.

A word of advice: don't get matching couple tattoos. Honestly, don't go out with a Brad.

"Moon jellyfish close to the surface."

I'd somehow feel more comfortable knowing about giant space jellyfish than I do knowing about what horrors still lurk at the bottom of the ocean.

Ok I maybe thought at first glance that the jellyfish was actually in space.

I was like, oh, there are space jellyfish? Seems legit.

"The number I took was the same from the advertisement."

Now you are the advertisement. Look around, are there any cameras? Any narrators prompting you to take a bite of your sandwich to see your reaction?

Maybe the ad was about you...

Maybe it's all one big conspiracy...

"My parents’ cats were finally being nice to each other, but things quickly changed when I tried to take a picture."

Duh, they can't have the fact that they get along be captured on film, that would ruin their reputation!

Me and my siblings everytime our parents wanted us to look nice for 0.2 seconds.

It gets a little better as you get older. Kind of. You get more...what's the word...apathetic!

"My bodyless dog."

The bodyless dog model is definitely less popular than the full-service model, but any owner will tell you the mess level goes way down.

This photo made me think of this IMMEDIATELY:

Anybody else watch this movie 1000 times? No? Just me?

"Taking a photo of a cat when a snake decided to attack."

And the cat is entirely unbothered, just stepping by like nothing's wrong, like it was the snake that wandered into their territory.

Reminds me of when my!

Snakes are great until you remember that they're, like, snakes! You can't really expect them to be anything different, can you?

"That’s unfortunate."

You say that, but both parties involved seem to be enjoying themselves, so surely they discussed this beforehand.

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's ICE CREAM MAN!

That was the tamest joke I could make please forgive me.

"The perfect heart on this feather!"

The fact that the bird dropped that in your yard must mean love is coming your way! Or it means nothing, but that's the more romantic option.

Ah, true love really does persist despite it all.

Or nature is an artist and we as human beings just really, really suck at love.

"My coffee looks like Jupiter."

I want to make a 'coffee that's out of this world' joke so bad, but I don't think I'm strong enough.

Better than the coffee looking like Uranus I guess.

Although, coffee DOES have an effect on such things. As I'm sure you know.

"These four symmetrical clouds I saw today."

Another potentially supernatural sighting, though I suppose this is more sci-fi as those are definitely aliens.

Can we take a second to talk about how the government confirmed recently that UFOs are a thing and are not man made, but it didn't even make the news?

To be fair, there are a few other things going on.

"Yo these vines in my neighborhood look like an elephant."

In fact, they look so much like an elephant I'm starting to think it wasn't a coincidence.

Okay, okay, the glow stick story:

Picture it: an unnamed listicle writer and their then-boyfriend Brad, dancing the night to Pitbull's "Hotel Room", drinking, um, Sunny D. Suddenly, Brad looks at me and goes "You never listen to me". I'm like, "um, we're at a club? I can't hear you?" and he's like "I feel like you just don't SEE me" and I'm like "Brad, it's dark, I can't see ANYONE" and suddenly he grabs a glowsticks off the neck of a random guy, cracks 'er open, CONSUMES IT (which, please never do), and says "Now you'll HAVE to see me all the time." And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is one of the 1000 reasons I stopped 'seeing' him altogether. It turned out pretty perfect, wouldn't you say?