13+ Moments That Made Us Go ‘Ouch, That Hurt’

This world can be a savage and unforgiving place sometimes! And, while sometimes it can be for our greater good, sometimes it can simply be for the sake of cruelty!

So, from kids leaving their parents inadvertently cruel notes to the most savage Girl Scouts on the planet, here are 15+ moments that made us go, "Ouch, that hurt!"

This Pub Looking Out For Its Patrons...

Can you see anything in this painting? If so, what have you been drinking so far today?!

Technically Correct, I Guess.

It might not have been the answer the teacher expected, but you can't knock this kid of their ingenuity. You can knock them for their terrible handwriting though, just saying.

"As a fellow brick driver, I can definitely relate."

Nothing instills anger quite like being in a brick of a car when some asshat in a BMW comes razzing right up behind you, acting antsy.

"Can't blame the guy."

Sometimes you can think you know everything there is to know about a person only to be surprised with something horrific when you least expect it.

"Brilliantly facetious letter my grandfather sent to his mother (and father) during WW2 after she had obviously complained about his hand writing."

It is amazing that someone would complain about their son's handwriting while he was writing to them from the war. Still, this is the perfect response!

"Did a chocolate treasure hunt for my kid, and he wrote me this note. I thought he liked it!"

Amazing how something with such pure intentions managed to turn out sounding so aggressive!

"Cruel tease, pet store."

Hot damn, why do they have to tease us like that. Pfft, it's not like I want a pet monkey anyway... It's not like that was the only thing I ever wanted as a child or anything.

"Seemed like the obvious answer..."

Well, that's a little unfair to all of the dead people! I mean, sure, they might leak some bodily juices onto the table, but they're people too! Or they were, at least.

"2021 already got me like..."

I guess that this would actually just turn into a form of water torture. Just the occasional drop landing on your head until you've eventually just had a shower.

"Nature Is Brutal..."

So, The Rainbow Fish is actually a story about one fish tricking those who mocked it into being devoured by predators? That makes a lot more sense.

"That son of a bitch! I'll kill him!"

The trick to beat this is to get someone you hate to stand next to you, then look in the mirrors at an angle so that you can blame the person you hate for everything going wrong in your life.

"Someone at my work is cruel."

"What? I expected this box to be filled with things that would shorten my life expectancy, not prolong it?!"

"Ha! Got you again, Dave!"

"Damn you and your health-considerate pranks, Steve!"

"Damn these girl scouts are savages."

I like the idea that they had sorted out their things for sale based upon how many Weight Watchers points they're worth.

"One letter can change so much..."

It's not the best marketing decision to outwardly insult your clientele. Clearly this shop never got the message!

"Someone didn't get the memo..."

That has got to be a bit of a knock to this little guy's confidence.

This Speaks To Me...

I like the thought process behind this sign. It is appropriately defeatist and involves eating pizza, the perfect combo.

"Don't blame fate."

I don't need to take lessons in nihilism from cross-stitch patterns! Or, maybe I do...maybe that's where I've been going wrong all of these years!

"Straight Savage."

It might be a little savage, sure. But it's not exactly an incorrect assessment of their music!

"Looks like someone got caught cheating."

Therion is one hell of a name to have to deal with having as well. I mean, there's a lot more going on here, obviously, but I can't get past that name.

"A pretty color with a brutally honest name."

Look, if that's what it looks like then that's what it should be called! I cannot imagine that this name will help the sales though.