20 Small Things That Make Us All Get Irrationally Annoyed

Ashley Hunte
Three separate measuring tapes that show their inches at different increments.
reddit | VashtiRunyon

I don't know what it is about weird, annoying things that I just can't look away from. And I know I'm not alone in that; it's almost like we love getting ourselves riled up over things online.

Maybe it's human nature, maybe it's just what happens when you're on the internet for too long. Either way, it's what makes lists like this one entertaining.

"My chocolate chip muffin had no chocolate chips."

A plain muffin in a plastic package.
reddit | MattYaCIAO

On the plus side, this muffin probably still tastes good (it's basically impossible to make a muffin that tastes bad, anyway). But if you're expecting chocolate chips and get none, it's just plain upsetting.

"My 'breathtaking view' at my Airbnb."

A hill covered in yellowed grass and surrounded by trees that don't have any leaves on them.
reddit | Wall-E-E

I bet you anything that view looks a little nicer in the summer. But wow, talk about false advertising. Even if the grass was nice and green, and those trees had some leaves on them, "breathtaking" would be an overstatement.

"Thought I scored a good deal at 50% off."

A package for 7 ounces of gouda on a kitchen scale that shows it only weighs 5.53 ounces.
reddit | cdnusa

Today I learned that you can contact your state's department of agriculture over food weight discrepancies (according to the Reddit comments for this post). I dunno if I'd want to go through all the trouble for 1.5 ounces of cheese, though.

"My school thinks they are cool on Saint Patrick's day.'

A school lunch tray showing a salad with croutons, a burger with its bun dyed green, and a cookie that's also been dyed green.
reddit | dcannon1002009

As much as I love it when places make things green for St. Patrick's day, dyeing a burger bun green is kind of gross. There are some things you probably just shouldn't do.

"When you take the wrong leftovers container to work and all you have for lunch is baked beans."

An entire container filled with baked beans.
reddit | KentuckyTurtlehead

I mean, having baked beans for lunch probably isn't the end of the world. Having baked beans for lunch when you were expecting something else? Not very fun.

"This guy has been talking on the phone for 10 mins with his flashlight on."

A man standing in a crowded restaurant with his phone on, and the flashlight on his phone is turned on.
reddit | bolawla

He probably has no idea that his flashlight is on. But if he did somehow know and just kept it on for no reason, that would make him one evil stranger.

"Guess which unit I'm looking for... #09."

A sign that displays directions for units 1-8, 10, and 11-20.
reddit | Gullible_Hornet_3700

I'm convinced that signs like this only exist to trick people. Either that, or it's some kind of test, and if you can find unit nine, then you're, like, a super genius or something.

"The illusion of choice."

A wastebin showing three holes for garbage and/or recycling. The holes clearly all lead to the same garbage bag.
reddit | vanessita8765

Nothing irks me more than when towns, companies, public places, or even people will talk about the importance of recycling and then pull something like this. At least be upfront if you aren't planning on sorting waste.

This person clearly didn't care.

A parking lot with spots that go diagonal to the adjacent sidewalk. A single vehicle is parked in the wrong direction.
reddit | AnonymousThePog

I honestly can't tell if this person thought the stopper at the end of the spot was the line for the parking spot, or if they just didn't care and decided to park however. My guess is the latter.

"Folks dropping garbage into the forest, right next to my house."

A pile of garbage in a field.
reddit | Psiredem

Ah yes, because throwing your garbage out in an actual dump is too much to ask for some people. Like, imagine not caring about nature (or other people's houses) this much.

"My sister has an alarm go off every morning but doesn’t keep her phone in her room."

A phone screen showing an alarm that's sounding off.
reddit | Adele-Fiddler

I get that putting your phone in a different room is supposed to help you get out of bed in the morning, but it's kind of pointless if you still don't get out of bed in the morning, ya know?

And pretty rude to your housemates.

"I let a hot cooking pot rest on top of a plastic cutting board today."

A pot that's been turned over, showing the plastic that has melted onto its bottom. The cutting board from which the plastic came is next to the pot, showing an indent in its surface.
reddit | Moist_Toto

I doubt OP didn't know that plastic melted at high temperatures, but I also don't blame them for probably forgetting. Sometimes life happens.

"This is what Panera Bread considers to be a PB&J sandwich for $6."

Two pieces of sliced bread with small amounts of peanut butter and jam on them.
reddit | Amanda-Hunt

Why do I feel like the person who made that sandwich doesn't get paid enough? Because if they were making more money, they probably wouldn't have skimped on literally all the ingredients.

"One Star, Great Product. (Noise Cancelling Headphones)."

A screenshot of an Amazon review that says the product is great, but only gave it 1 star.
reddit | guy-on-the-net

I'm sure this is just an error on the reviewer's part, but how do you post an accidental one star review and not even notice? Man, this is going to be bugging me for the rest of the day.

"How my mother gave me half of the KitKat she was having."

Two pieces of a KitKat that are still attached, but broken in half lengthwise.
reddit | dragonslayer00761

I don't even like KitKats that much, but it still really bugs me when people eat or break theirs this way. It's clearly not how you're supposed to do it!

"The amount of socks missing their partner socks has reached critical mass."

Several single sicks without pairs on a couch.
reddit | Bubba_Feetz

I don't know if this is a kids' socks thing or just a sock thing in general, but the amount of socks missing their pair is kind of crazy. It would make me never want to buy socks again.

"Are FIVE leaf blowers really necessary?"

Five people using leaf blowers around a single tree.
reddit | ReheatedZiti

This is honestly the definition of something that's mildly infuriating. Are those leaf blowers hurting anyone? No. But that's five times the noise, and the fact that there are five people doing the job of one person is pretty irritating too.

"Spent four years getting my masters degree and the mailman bent my diploma."

A university diploma with a visible crease in one end.
reddit | bluestcoffee

So you work your butt off for years, writing papers and and doing research and stuff. And once you finally finish your studies, you get that parchment... only for it to be creased in one spot. So uncool.

"I can't describe the level of annoyance I get by just looking this picture."

Three separate measuring tapes that show their inches at different increments.
reddit | VashtiRunyon

Yeah, as if it isn't already hard enough to measure things. If you're super unlucky, you'll find that every measuring tape you own is trying to tell you something different.

I'm shaking my head in disgust right now.

A person who has ripped a piece of paper towel off the roll. Part of the bottom ripped from the pieces, still attached to the perforation on the next piece.
reddit | uhohbruno

No, this isn't going to make a huge difference when it comes to using the paper towel. But that doesn't make it any less irritating! It has me feeling attacked, to be honest.

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