7+ Weird Things People Found On eBay

Online shopping can be so much fun especially when you're on eBay because you never know what you're going to stumble upon. From weird finds to funny listings to outrageous prices, eBay has it all, my friends.

There's even a special Instagram account called @ebaybae devoted to all unusual things found on eBay. Let's take a look at some of them.

1. This Piece Of The Berlin Wall

I have no idea if this is at all genuine but if you have $345 you can take a chance, ha, ha.

2. Pet Bowl Carrier Trunk

This supposedly limited edition pet bowl carrier is going to cost you an arm and a leg but who cares if you love your pooch.

3. Cherry Toilet Brush And Holder Set

OMG, I totally want this one. Ha, ha. This is so neat. And I can't believe it's only $8.99. That's a steal.

4. This Barbie Bearded Man

Okay I dunno who got possessed to do this to a Barbie doll but that's beside the point. Why are they actually selling it?

5. Teddy Bear Pants

If you're looking to make an unusual fashion statement or want an easy Halloween outfit these teddy bear all over pants can be yours for $3,000.

6. Pants With Detachable Codpiece

Speaking of unique fashion sense, who would wear these pants? LOL. I don't really wanna know to be honest. They'll set you back 900 bucks.

7. Pink Wood Fur Car Covers

Who wouldn't want to pimp out their car like this, huh? I dunno if it's enough pink for my liking, but okay.

8. Multipurpose Pet Harness Set

I bet your pet rabbit, chinchilla, or guinea pig is really going to love this little outfit. That is... if they don't bite you first.

9. Crystal Boxing Frogs

I'm not sure why anyone would want these frogs, but if you're looking for something fancy, they are embellished with Swarovski crystals.

10. Zebra Black And White TV Set

Wow, this would be so perfect for a jungle-inspired kid's room. Don't you think? Too bad it's like $10,000. Start saving up.

11. Reborn Doll Sphynx Cat

And speaking of children, I would hope you wouldn't give this animal toy to any of yours because this is quite creepy.

12. Recline-O-Cycle

Oh my, it seems to me as if they put everything but the kitchen sink in this weird contraption. Take a ride at your own risk, okay?

13. This Antique Clown Chair

As I mentioned before I'm not a fan of clowns so you couldn't pay me enough to sit in this creepy as heck chair. Yuck!

OMG, I feel like somebody needs to start a show about all these finds on eBay.

Kinda like an Antiques Road Trip type of thing. Whatcha think? Would you watch?

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