20 Pics That Are Just So Soothing To Look At

Everyone needs a little bit of satisfaction in their lives. These pics won't soothe you to sleep exactly, but they should at the very least have a calming influence.

In a chaotic world, photographs like this show us that sometimes, things are able to present themselves in an orderly, satisfying manner.

"After Hurricane Ophelia in Ireland."

Reddit | beluuuuuuga

I guess hurricanes, in addition to everything else they do, are extremely efficient when it comes to removing apples from trees.

"It rained on my van."

Reddit | flerchin

There's something immensely satisfying about looking at the drops of rain on a smooth surface after a downpour.

"My younger brother is training to be a driver for our moving company."

Reddit | Pallyhow

Here's why professional movers deserve the big bucks: they actually know how to pack things efficiently into a truck.

"The bumps in my soft serve cone look like marshmallows."

Reddit | DHB_Master

After looking at this pic and its caption, I can't stop thinking of what marshmallow-flavored soft serve would be like.

"This mushroom photographed from down below."

Viewed from this angle, the mushroom looks like it's at the center of its own little miniature kingdom.

"After a fresh wax (there’s a car in there)."

Reddit | assailant92

Yes, there's a car in there. You'll see it in a moment. All I can say is that it's very thoroughly waxed.

"Satistfying alignment."

Reddit | amy2kim22

This would be a lot more satisfying if the one person at the top was also wearing white shoelaces.

"These neat cable arrangements."

Reddit | Narendra_17

Anyone who works with lots of cables is probably nodding in approval as they check out this pic.

"A perfectly timed pic of the moon from Mie Prefecture, Japan."

Reddit | Narendra_17

I wonder how many nights this photographer had to wait before they could get this gorgeous, perfectly-timed photo.

"Hand cut satisfaction."

Reddit | while_e

It looks like someone put this through some kind of steak slicing machine, but no, that handiwork is completely done by hand.

"Just got our bedroom walls painted. They put the screws back in facing the same direction."

Reddit | hubricht

It requires some serious attention to detail to do something like this. By the time I'm done a home reno project, I absolutely do not care to do this sort of thing.

"This perfect paw print, with nails, that my wet dog left on my jeans."

Reddit | szthesquid

This dog left an almost cartoonish imprint on this person's leg. I mean, it's perfect. No smudging or anything.

"A train carrying corn had a leak."

I know it's corn, not bricks, but this is the closest thing I've seen in the real world to the Yellow Brick Road.

"The two ends of my banana fit together to make a baby boi."

I don't know why this person thought to put the two ends together, but after seeing this pic, I'm totally here for it.

"My hard work today."

Reddit | Buppster87

Everyone knows that ovens, despite their 'self-cleaning' functionality, don't really clean themselves. It takes some elbow grease to get them clean.

"Croissants waiting to be baked."

Reddit | fattsoo

While we're on a carb theme, get a load of these croissants. This almost looks like some sort of abstract phone wallpaper.

"Before and after I got the blades sharpened on my mower."

Reddit | chucchinchilla

This also serves as a reminder of why it's important to keep the blades on your hair and beard clippers sharp.

"Quite possibly the most beautiful loaf of bread I've ever made."

Reddit | Fuquois

This homemade bread has the shape and slicing of Wonder Bread, but I'm sure it tastes a whole lot better.

"I snapped this pic of a subway station in Toronto."

Reddit | nick_wons

Some subway stations are basically perfectly round, and it's all thanks to the big boring machines that hollowed them out in the first place.

"Old trunks and suitcases on custom shelves are a cool storage solution."

Reddit | sayknow

This decor choice would look cluttered if it wasn't so well organized. The whole wall is completely full of perfectly-placed cases.

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