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Mom Shares Naughty 'Peppa Pig' Plate Fail Online

Parents are always looking for deals on toys and accessories that they know their kids will love. It just so happens that whatever show they're obsessed with at the time is probably your best bet when it comes to shopping for gifts. Like, my niece and nephew can't get enough of Trolls and Paw Patrol, so getting them anything in those "themes" is a sure thing.

One show that kids love is 'Peppa Pig'.

Peppa Pig is one of those characters that our kids absolutely love — especially for those who live in America and are in love and fascinated with her accent.

But, 'Peppa Pig' happens to be a worldwide sensation.

Many different countries play Peppa Pig, so she has fans all over the world. Which, of course, means that Peppa is translated often into other languages other than English.

Sometimes, when we order merch online, we may not realize that it's not from the right country or in the right language.

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Always check that "shipping location" to know where your products are coming from. Sometimes, we think we're getting a great deal but it turns out, it's definitely not what we were looking to order.

One mom recently shared her hilarious mix-up online with other parents and people cannot stop laighing.

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Maggy Van Eijk found a Peppa Pig plate set for her daughter, who happens to love her some Peppa, and was super excited when it showed up. Except, there was a little surprise in store for her.

The 'Peppa Pig' set was apparently from France.

The French version says "groin" all over the plates and the cups. Not to mention, Peppa is licking her lips at some cupcakes. The whole thing seems rather dirty.

It so happens that "groin" means "oink" in French.

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Here's a prime example of language having some cultural translation problems. In French, "groin" means "oink," which is super appropriate for a pig. But, in English, we know that makes this plate set super naughty.

People online were laughing out loud over this hilarious mistake.

One person said that "groin" seems pretty appropriate because Peppa's head looks like a groin, almost. LOL! Too funny.

And, apparently they weren't the only one who thought so!

It seems that other people find Peppa Pig's head to be a big "phallic," looking like a male groin. So, maybe this plate isn't that far off, right?

All in all, people just loved to see other parents who casually make mistakes like the rest of us.

Most people were laughing out loud at this mistake. And, then there were tons of parents online who felt "seen" by having the same kind of mistakes happen to someone else, too.