‘Band of Brothers’ Is Getting A TV Sequel Titled ‘Masters Of The Air’

Band of Brothers is joining the fight. What fight, you may be asking?

The fight of the streaming services. The show is going to be coming to a streaming service near you, to make your choices even more complicated.

'Band of Brothers' was an excellent movie, but people want more.


And for once, the people are getting what they want!

There's a follow-up coming titled Masters of the Air.

The follow up is going to be fighting the good fight on Apple TV+.


So will this be the final push they need to outshine Netflix?

Honestly, who knows.

The series is going to be in great hands.


Masters of Air is to be produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks.

So, the chances of this show being something spectacular is very good.

How excited are you?


Will you be subscribing to Apple TV+ now? Or are you still staying away?

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