'Friends' And 'Home Alone' Have A Connection Fans Might Not Know About

Hm... Never thought I'd be reading that.

Then again, they're both iconic '90s properties, they both take place in New York (the sequel for Home Alone).

Alright, I'll bite, what is this connection?

'Home Alone' and 'Friends'.


Two of the biggest things to come out of the '90s.

They certainly have a pretty huge connection in our hearts (it's nostalgia-based) but did you know they have a deeper connection?

Monica and Chandler move into the McCalister's house.


Believe it, amigo, the Bings are going to be forgetting Erica there when they head back to New York from the suburbs.

"But how?", you ask "The McCallisters are from Chicago and Monica and Chandler moved to the suburbs of New York"!

Well, with some clever movie magic, actually.

Here's the video that documents the connection.

It's by a channel called 22 Visions, and boy do these guys have some keen eyes.

They confirmed that Friends used some stock footage from Home Alone to show Monica and Chandler's new house.

How can this be?


Well, to be fair, it's not the exact same house, but the view from the window of the home is the same as the view the McCallisters had in their house.

So we can assume it's the same.