Quotes About Adulthood I Unfortunately Relate To

Remember when you were little and all you wanted to do was to be a grown-up? Don't you wish that you could just hop in a time machine and smack your younger-self in the face?

It's never been truer or more cliche to lament that kids don't know how well they've got it. In case you needed a reminder, here are some quotes about adulthood that I, unfortunately, relate to all too well.

A perfect metaphor, if ever there was one.

Then, by the time you've figured out how to course-correct, you've already been lapped half-a-dozen times over and have also slipped on at least three banana peels. It just goes to show you that you can't take your eyes off the prize.

Kids think we've got it so good...

Those ignorant naive little bastards. Being an adult is basically the exact same thing as being a kid — except you don't have anyone else to blame for your situation and you're the one who gets stuck holding the check.

Nobody is coming to save you.

Search all you like, your savior isn't lurking just on the other side of the cereal aisle. What's even worse is that you're the one who now has to pay for that cart full of groceries!

Every. Damn. Day.

In my house, it's just me and my fiancee. Yet every week, without fail, we'll manage to dirty at least 15 different glasses. Not coffee mugs, either. I'm talking about straight-up water glasses. You'd think I'd have learned to reuse them by now, but no.

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